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Hoi-An French colonial buildings

May 24, 2015 by David Herd

Japanese Covered Bridge

Hoi-An French colonial buildings Hoi-An French colonial buildings and this beautiful Japanese covered bridge which dates back to the 18th century. Probably the most photographed place in Hoi-An.

Crossing the bridge

Hoi An French colonial buildings

I’m not sure what the ladies are selling.

This is my favourite photo.

French baguettes

The culture & heritage is mostly from the Cham people whose kingdom originally stretched from Hue South to Phan Thiet (South of Nha Trang) – the Champa’s most likely originally from Java. The original Cham political capital was Tra Kieu, the commercial capital was Hoi An and the spiritual capital was My Son (Hindu). The Cham people were Hindu, and by the 10th century the influence of Arab traders to Hoi An resulted in some converting to become Muslims.

The second major influence was from the Chinese, firstly from traders but especially the escaping Ming Dynasty armies who after settling in Hoi An for some years moved further south and created Saigon as a major trading port.

Beautiful faces

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Hoi An is midway between Hanoi & HCMC, you can fly into Danang then take a taxi south, on the way make sure you visit Marble mountain where you can watch beautiful statues being made and perhaps even order one to be shipped home.

Here I am at Marble Mountain just north of Hoi-An.

David Herd vietnam

Travel Tip. Hoi-An has the reputation as the place to go to have clothes made, I think one of the best strategies is to take some of your favourite items and have them copied at a fraction of the price you would pay at home.

Huge selection at Marble mountain

Marble mountain

A huge variety to choose from.

Marble Mountain

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Imagine the thousands of hours to create this masterpiece.

Wonderful Lions

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

These are my favourites.

 Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Hoi-An French colonial buildings One of the many Hoi-An French colonial buildings.

Please click on Google + to help my ranking.

Fu kien restaurant

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

A typical Hoi-Ann street scene.

 Beautiful buildings

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

There are so many wonderful buildings.


Hoi-An French colonial buildings

There is a photo opportunity around every corner.

We asked where he was taking the duck?

Hoi-An French colonial buildings He said I am taking it home to eat it.

Hoi Ann timber delivery

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Firewood for cooking I imagine.

Hoi Ann market

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Morning gossip at the market.

Banana anyone?

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

It is a hive of activity on the waterfront.

Happy faces

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Non la (palm-leaf conical hat) is a traditional symbol of Vietnamese people.

Great looking kids in Hoi Ann.

Hoi-An French colonial buildings

Another couple of great Vietnamese smiles.

China Beach

Hoi-An French colonial buildings During the war the Americans used the name China Beach to refer to the beautiful 30 km sweep of fine white sand that starts at Monkey Mountain and ends near Hoi An. Soldiers would be sent here for some R&R from bases all over the country.

China Beach

Hoi An French colonial buildings

As usual the vendors are relentless.

 David Herd at China beach.

David Herd China beach Thanks for visiting my Hoi-An French colonial buildings photo blog, one of my favourite places in Vietnam, however the image that sticks in my mind most of all are the beautiful faces of the people and their children in this amazing country. Have a look at some of my other Vietnam posts.

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