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China Beach Vietnam

July 24, 2015 by David Herd

China Beach Vietnam

China Beach Vietnam China Beach Vietnam is in Da Nang, a port city along the coast of the South China Sea. While there is not a great deal in the city in terms of restaurants and bars at the moment, Da Nang has been targetted for massive investment by both the government and private companies alike, and is pipped to be a major destination for both tourism and commerce.

Beach Vendors

China Beach Vietnam Although I was last there in 2003 I’m sure nothing has changed with the persistent beach vendors. They do not like taking no for an answer and there is really no escape from them.

Everything is for sale

China Beach Vietnam

John Martin aka Pothole examining the merchandise.

Two Americans

China Beach Vietnam

We met two nice Americans on the beach and had lunch together washed down with some cold beers. Notice my Lee Child novel close by. 🙂

Shelter from the sun.

 photo IMG_0420.jpg In more recent history, Danang is best-known for its role in the American Vietnam War. The Danang Airbase was a major American airbase, used both by the Americans and the South Vietnamese. Nearby China Beach, named after its beautiful china-white sand, was home to the 510th Evacuation Hospital, where wounded American soldiers would come to recover. China Beach itself was an American in-country R&R spot, nicknamed the “Five and Dime”. The Vietcong, meanwhile, had their own hospital surprisingly close by in the caves of the Marble Mountains.

 Beautiful Vietnamese face

China Beach Vietnam My travelling partner John Martin aka “Pothole” was a bit of a lunatic, he is an excellent reason for travelling alone. 🙂

I forget what the young girl was selling however I just had to capture that beautiful face.

Marble Mountain

David Herd Marble mountain If you find yourself travelling from Da nang to Hoi An make sure you visit Marble Mountain.

China Beach Vietnam

China Beach Vietnam China Beach Vietnam is a great place to relax however I would suggest you stay at Hoi An which is only 45 minutes away by taxi.

David Herd Thailand

 David Herd at China beach.

David Herd China beachThanks for visiting my China Beach Vietnam travel page, one of my favourite places in Vietnam, however the image that sticks in my mind most of all are the beautiful faces of the people and their children in this amazing country. Have a look at some of my other Vietnam posts.

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