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Taxi ride around Koh Samui

June 24, 2016 by David Herd

Big Buddha

Taxi ride around Koh Samui Taxi ride around Koh Samui starting at the Big Buddha then circling clockwise around the island. It took about 4 hours and the taxi cost was B2000 or $57 usd. Our hotel was on Chaweng beach about 15 minutes drive from the big Buddha. Our very nice lady drivers name is Ying and her mobile is 09 1128 3867.

Beautiful bougainvillea

Taxi ride around Koh Samui This beautiful flower reminds me of my home in Newport Beach Australia where I lived in the 80s, I had many beautiful bougainvilleas on the property.

Big Buddha & slightly smaller Buddha

 photo Big Buddha Koh Samui 6.jpg

My 115 kilos certainly puts me in the Buddha category. 🙂

One of two statues guarding the Big Buddha

Taxi ride around Koh Samui

Located as you enter the square below Big Buddha.

Here is a short video

Looking back towards Chaweng

Taxi ride around Koh Samui We stopped at a popular lookouts to take in the wonderful view.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks

Taxi ride around Koh SamuiThe rocks, known as Grandpa (Ta) and Grandma (Yai), look, just like male and female genitalia.

A very popular tourist stop

Taxi ride around Koh Samui Located two kilometres south of central Lamai Beach and about 11 kilometres away from Chaweng Beach.

Lamai Beach

Taxi ride around Koh Samui The next beach around the coast from Chaweng.

Lamai beach bar & restaurant

Taxi ride around Koh Samui Lamai is like a mini version of Chaweng, nice beach and lots of bars and restaurants.

 Next stop Guan Yu Chinese shrine.

Koh Samui It quite a shock when you first see this fantastic huge statue, there are about 12 or more Chinese restaurants in the square. The Guan Yu shrine is the centre of the Chinese community on Samui island.

He looks rather fierce

Guan Yu Chinese shrine

He does not look like a happy camper at all. 🙂

 Elephants on Koh Samui

 photo Elephants Koh Samui 4.jpg What magnificent beasts they are.

Here is a little guy with Mum.

Taxi ride around Koh Samui I must admit I have mixed feelings about these beautiful animals being held captive, however that’s an argument for another day.

Here is a video of a dancing elephant

He certainly was a happy little jumbo.

Some banana for the little dancing jumbo

Taxi ride around Koh Samui They really enjoy bananas, this is my friend John Martin aka Pothole feeding the little guy.

The popular waterfall was just a trickle.

Taxi ride around Koh Samui

Many people visit this location but sadly there was not much water flowing.

Time for a cool drink

Taxi ride around Koh Samui A pleasant place to sit under the shade from the tall trees before continuing our journey.

Nathon pier

Taxi ride around Koh Samui Here is where you catch a ferry to the mainland, take your car if you wish.

Bophut beach

Taxi ride around Koh Samui  Bophut beach  was the last stop in our Taxi ride around Koh Samui road trip. Very close to a large new shopping mall called Fisherman’s village.

 Beach bar

 photo Bophut beach 2.jpg Bophut is is near the Big Buddha & less than 10 minutes from the airport. The Ibis is a nice hotel opposite the beach, for an excellent room rate just book through THIS LINK. 

Taxi ride around Koh Samui          Taxi ride around Koh Samui          Taxi ride around Koh Samui

More peaceful and quieter than Chaweng yet only 15 minutes away from the action.

 Bar Baguette

Taxi ride around Koh Samui This was really a good little cafe for lunch, the avocado & bacon baguette was perfect and the staff were really friendly.

Taxi ride around Koh Samui

 photo 108057map_e.gif

Our taxi ride around Koh Samui was a great way to explore the delights of this wonderful tropical island, we had a very nice lady driver, her name in Ying and her mobile is 09 1128 3867.

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