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Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

February 13, 2016 by David Herd

The more things change the more they stay the same

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand are constantly popping up with many clubs closing and new venues opening. There is still nothing in the world quite like Walking Street Pattaya. Prices have risen and tourists numbers are down in 2016, however that does not deter new clubs from opening. In the last week I have visited two of these new hotspots, Taboo which is owned by some French guys from Paris and Virgins owned by a Russian fellow called Slava.

Taboo Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

An upmarket club with nice décor and friendly girls. I met two of the owners Glenn & Alex from Paris, they opened December 2015.

When you are in Taboo it’s up to you

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand Walking Street is always changing, old clubs closing and new ones opening. Just last week in Soi Diamond Sugarbaby closed it’s doors after 30 years in business. This photo was taking by LovePattayaThailand, check out some of the articles I write for them here.

                          The first thing I saw in Taboo


Right away I knew I was going to like this place. 🙂

Hello baby
Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand Half Thai and half Japanese, a great combination.

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand          Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand          Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand


Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand Now I’m quite sure you will find it very difficult to find a virgin working on Walking St. In fact the catchy name actually means the girls at Virgins have never worked in a Pattaya bar before. 🙂

Glass elevator

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

Too lazy to climb the stairs? Well, there is a glass elevator to whisk you up to this dark sexy Go Go bar.

Rooftop Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand Here is something quite unique in Walking Street, a rooftop bar where you can have a drink and enjoy the view.

Looking down on Walking Street.

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand Views of Walking Street and Pattaya Bay.

Enjoy a spa with a lady

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand Thirty minutes in the spa with the lady of your choice and a bottle of Champagne for B6,500, sadly it’s way above my pay grade.

Eastern European girls

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand They come from Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan & Moldova, just make sure you have plenty of money because this is an expensive club.

Neon lights of Walking St

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand There certainly is no shortage of lights here.

Most people come here to see….

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand

You guessed it.

Pothole & I certainly came here to see her.

 photo WalkingSt13.jpg There has been talk for many years about demolishing the buildings on the western side of Walking St as they have been built illegally on public land. Here is how I feel about this subject; 

If 1/2 of Walking St goes Pattaya will survive & thrive, times have changed and this city must change with it. Why should a few wealthy business people with a false sense of entitlement be allowed to build on public land for their own selfish needs?
A story in a local paper mentioned some  business people who believe it will negatively impact on tourism in Pattaya, or even the Pattaya condo market. I’m guessing they may be some of the real estate agents who charge over the top commissions. I say give the beach front back to the people.
What part of the phrase “public land” don’t they understand?
Full marks to the officials that have moved the hundreds of busses from Beach Road to Jomtien, it’s a wonderful improvement. However for some strange reason quite a few still unload passengers around the Hard Rock Hotel area. There are even police in attendance helping the tourists to cross the road. I’m guessing somebody with influence has approved this anomaly. 
Pattaya has been trying to clean up it’s image for years but progress is slow. Here is an idea from left field, Thailand was Siam, Myanmar was Burma, Beijing was Peking etc etc. Cities & countries can & do  change their name, I would change Pattaya to “MAGIC CITY”.
 For the first 5 years I would just add “MAGIC CITY” to Pattaya, after 5 years I would drop off Pattaya & just use “MAGIC CITY” .
As I said before you have to move with the times. 🙂
Yours sincerely the FiveStarVagabond, November 8 2016.
Here are the illegal building on Walking St

Walking St I say give the beach front back to the people.

Here I am in 2013 with some friends from Australia

Go Go bars Pattaya Thailand My friend on the left is Nathan Corbett an absolute Muay Thai legend. He was world champion eleven times in 3 different weight divisions.

Walking St Pattaya

Walking St Pattaya Well here we are back on the street with a many alternatives new and old to cater for our every need. Walking St is totally unique, it offers many more choices than the three Bangkok red light districts, Soi Cowboy, Patpong & Nana Plaza.  Even Amsterdam’s famous RLD does not come close to Walking St Pattaya.

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Pattaya low cost budget hotels

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $23 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

For a more upmarket hotel on Beach Rd

Hello welcome Pattaya Beach Rd Thailand

Just use THIS LINK for a terrific rate at the Wave Hotel.

The history of Walking St by Bangkok Post. 

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