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Pattaya’s Best Sunsets Thailand

August 26, 2014 by David Herd

Best sunsets Thailand

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand

Pattaya’s Best Sunsets Thailand are from my balcony overlooking the gulf of Thailand, I get most of the photos in this post from my Pattaya condo. The one above was August 18 2013. Very orange in colour compared with the purple below. I’m going to post some great storm photos as well for a total contrast to the sunsets.

Magic Pattaya sunset.

best sunsets thailandI feel so lucky to see so many of these magnificent sunsets.

Thailand Sunsets Storms

Pattaya's Best Sunsets ThailandThailand Sunsets Storms, you have seen two sunsets now for some storms. 🙂 This was July 2014 & the next photo was taken 2 minutes later.

Two minutes later

Best Sunsets ThailandIn comes what seems like a solid wall of rain.

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Sunset at the Beach Club

best sunsets thailand

The Beach Club at Wongamat is one of the best places in Thailand to watch the magnificent sunsets.

Beach Club

Pattaya's Best Sunsets ThailandYou can enjoy happy hour prices at the Beach Club every day between 5 pm & 7 pm.

Huge cloud over Koh Larn off Pattaya.

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand


Koh Larn is 40 minutes by ferry from Pattaya.

Fantastic clouds over Pattaya

best sunsets thailandWhen you don’t have sunsets & storms there are wonderful white clouds & beautiful blue sky.

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Best Sunsets Thailand, without a doubt. 🙂

best sunsets thailandThis November sunset looks like a ball of fire rolling across the sky.

Running from the storm

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand

I love the way the storm rolls across the bay.

Black clouds over Pattaya

Pattaya's Best Sunsets ThailandFrom best sunsets Thailand to best storms in Thailand, such a contrast over the gulf at Pattaya.

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand      best sunsets thailand

best sunsets thailand      Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand

All these photos are taken from my balcony. You can view any time from my webcam.

Trawlers at sunset

Pattaya's Best Sunsets ThailandLooking west from the Beach Club at Wongamat, the trawlers with Koh Larn in the background.

One of the best sunsets Thailand

Markland Pattaya beachLooking west from my condo at Markland in Beach Road Pattaya.

But here is a better one of Pattaya’s Best Sunsets Thailand

best sunsets thailand

On September 17 2016 On September 17 2016 I was lucky enough to snap this photo.

Big storm coming

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand

Here come the storm, bring it on. 🙂

Best September sunsets

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand

I am so lucky to live on Beach Road with this magnificent view.

Early morning

nov2016206am At 6 am you get a whole new perspective.

silhouettes at Sunset February 13 2017.

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand You guessed it, I’m a fan of silhouettes.

Say no more….

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand

Do sunsets get any better than this? November 2016 from my 20th floor balcony.

March 28 2017

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand From the Pattaya Hilton.

March 29 2017

Pattaya's Best Sunsets Thailand From Markland condo cnr Beach Rd & Soi 1.

Rainbow over Pattaya bay

August 4 This is 7am August 4th 2016, all the boats are waiting for the Chinese tourists.

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Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya

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Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya

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