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Thailand amazing street food culture

December 22, 2013 by David Herd

Soho Village Food market Pattaya

Thailand amazing street food culture

Thailand amazing street food culture

Thailand amazing street food culture is a great way to eat, very cheap and lots of choices. This market in 2nd rd North Pattaya is only 5 minutes walk from my condo.

Prawns & scallops.

Thailand amazing street food cultureReally well cooked fresh food, these two dishes cost me 300 Baht or $10.

So many decisions to make.  🙄

Thailand amazing street food cultureThe Thai people have taken street cooking to an art form. Most Thai’s in fact eat out on the street rather than cook at home.

More seafood

Thailand amazing street food culture

Too much seafood is never enough. 🙂

Fantastic ribs

Thailand amazing street food culture These pork ribs are so good they are addictive. 150 Baht per rack and I always take a couple home to snack on the following day.

Soi 11 Bangkok

Thailand amazing street food culture A great street for food and restaurants.

Hard working street vendor

Thailand amazing street food culture Still in Soi 11 off Sukhumvit in Bangkok. iCheck Inn is a good place to stay when in Bangkok, for a great rate use this link.

Thailand street food, Phad Thai.

Thailand amazing street food cultureThailand street & market food would not be complete without Pad Thai, probably the most popular Thai dish worldwide, 100 Baht or $3 at the Pattaya 2nd rd market, & delicious.

Wine or beer sir?

Thailand amazing street food culture There are always one or two bars in every market so you won’t go thirsty.  😆

Plastic chairs, but who cares?

Thailand amazing street food culture

Order your food, grab a table and wait a few minutes while you watch the passing parade.

Banana Pancake, YUM!

Thailand amazing street food cultureThis is one of my favourite snacks, 30 Baht or $1, great value & a great taste. Thailand street food at it’s best.

Perhaps bugs are more your style?

Thailand amazing street food cultureThailand street food comes in all forms however I must admit I still can’t convince myself to eat bugs or insects.

Frog kebabs, delicious.

Thailand amazing street food cultureOk I’m exaggerating here, this is another meal I have not been brave enough to sample this Thailand street food. Please click on Google + to help my page ranking. 


The pig arrives on a bike.

Thailand amazing street food cultureEach night outside my local bar in Soi 3 North Pattaya  the pig arrives on a motorbike.

Sometimes there are 2 pigs

Thailand amazing street food culture

Two pigs are better than one. 🙂

Try this Thailand street food if you dare.

ThailandI’m fairly sure most Thai people have their taste buds removed at an early age, some of these dishes are so spicy Self-immolation can start within 3 seconds of your first mouth full.  😳

Thailand amazing street food culture

Thailand amazing street food culture

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Fresh fish at Naklua market

Thailand amazing street food cultureThe girls at the market will kill , clean & gut fish while you wait.

Car park dining in 2nd rd beside Alcazar.

Thailand amazing street food cultureGreat food served here for lunch & dinner. The only downside at night are the exhaust fumes from the dozens of busses leaving the car park.

Street seafood, delicious.

Seafood on Koh LarnLots of seafood in Koh Larn which is a 30 Baht, 30 minute ferry ride from Pattaya.

BBQ fish, calamari & prawns.

Thailand amazing street food cultureIs it any wonder Thailand street food is famous throughout the world? In Thailand street & market food is everywhere so you don’t have to walk too far for dinner.

Fresh food

Soi 22 Sukhumvit Road Asoke Bangkok Taking up most of the sidewalk these food stalls are part of Bangkok’s charm & character.

Sidewalk restaurant on Soi 22

Soi 22 Sukhumvit Road Asoke Bangkok The graffiti certainly brightens up the decor. 🙂

Thanks for visiting my Thailand street food culture photo blog.

CNN did an excellent story on the world’s best street food.

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Live fish at the market

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