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Seven deadly Songkran days

April 16, 2016 by David Herd

Songkran 2016

Seven deadly Songkran days Seven deadly Songkran days photo blog focuses on two things, first the tragic loss of life and the thousands of people who are seriously injured. Sadly Thailand has the 2nd worst road toll in the world after war torn Libya, mainly due to poor driving skills and alcohol fuelled accidents. Songkran however is the black spot of this terrible statistic.  My sadness and sympathy does not lie with the several hundred who lose their life, they are gone and know nothing any more, my sympathy is for the parents who have lost children and the thousands of Thai people seriously injured during these Seven deadly Songkran days.

Secondly, lots of photos showing the joy and happiness thousands of people get from this famous celebration.

I would like to give credit to the Bangkok Post for borrowing many of their photos for this blog, many thanks to this great newspaper.

The first four days

Seven deadly Songkran days

The fourth day of the Songkran festival’s “seven dangerous days’’ saw 259 people lose their lives in road accidents across the country, up almost 36% from 2015.

Most accidents involved motorcycles, with 78.8%, followed by pick-up trucks, 10.8%. (BKK Post)

The madness that is Songkran

Seven deadly Songkran days The Songkran celebration has many symbolic traditions. The mornings begin with merit-making, visiting local temples and offering food to the Buddhist monks. On this specific occasion, pouring water on Buddha statues is considered an iconic ritual for this holiday. It represents purification and the washing away one’s sins and bad luck. Originally water was splashed gently on friends family & neighbours, today it has evolved into an all out water fight which certainly does not reassemble the original tradition.

Lets focus on happiness

Seven deadly Songkran days

The tragedy & sadness of the road carnage needs to be balanced by the joy and happiness most people in Thailand, consequently here is the sort of thing that makes me happy this time of the year. 🙂

A beautiful lady in traditional dress.

Seven deadly Songkran days

This is one of my favourite Songkran images, not sure who to credit.

Traditional Songkran

Seven deadly Songkran days Gently pouring water on Buddha statues is considered to be an iconic ritual for this holiday. It represents purification and the washing away one’s sins and bad luck.

The other side of the coin

Seven deadly Songkran days

The two photos above demonstrate the both ends of the spectrum.

Have you ever seen a happier child?

Seven deadly Songkran days

Riding on his father’s shoulders he is having the time of his life.

More happy faces

Seven deadly Songkran days Thanks once again to the Bangkok Post for another great photo.

Gunfight at the Bangkok Corral

Seven deadly Songkran days

Thousands of tourists flock to Thailand to participate in the greatest water fight in the world. Pamplona in Spain has the running of the bulls, Thailand has the running of the water cannons. 🙂

What did I do?

Seven deadly Songkran days This guy seems to be denying any wrongdoing, could it be because he is not wearing a helmet? No, they rarely enforce that in Thailand, unless of course they see a Farang without one. 🙂

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Fabulous foam at Centraworld

Seven deadly Songkran days A sea of white foam and everybody is having fun.

The very best of Songkran

Seven deadly Songkran days I intended to focus on the danger on the roads during Songkran however images like the one above totally distract me.

Total determination

Seven deadly Songkran days Concentrating totally on eliminating the enemy. 🙂 (Photo Bkk Post)

Beach Road Pattaya April 19.

Long range weapon

 photo Kho San Rd.jpg Many of these water cannons have a very long range.

Fifth day the terrible toll continues.

Seven deadly Songkran days

The number of people arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol over the past seven is 81,541, including 50,271 motorcycle drivers and 31,270 drivers of cars and public vehicles.

How sweet she is.

Seven deadly Songkran days

After any bad news like the shocking road toll we need some good news, and here she is. 🙂

My name is Rambo

 photo Rambo.jpg I have a licence to spill.

Songkran is “so in your face”

Seven deadly Songkran days

There is absolutely no escape from this “in your face” experience. 🙂

Day six and the news is still bad

Seven deadly Songkran days

The first six days of the “seven dangerous days” of Songkran saw 397 people lose their lives in road crashes across Thailand, a 29.74% jump from last year, with drink-driving remaining the major cause. (BKK Post)

Songkran madness in 2nd road Pattaya

What could possibly go wrong?

David Herd ThailandYou are on a bike, you get hit by a stream of water, what could possibly go wrong?

The battle rages

David Herd Thailand Songkran

I feel overall we have to properly balance the whole situation, fun versus death & suffering, in my book fun loses. I’m not advocating doing away with Songkran, however somehow the authorities have to do more to stop the road carnage.

Seven deadly Songkran days

Seven deadly Songkran days

Drink-driving remained the biggest single cause of road crashes, blamed for 34.09%, followed by speeding at 32.93%. Most crashes involved motorcycles (80.67%), followed by pick-up trucks (8.85%). (From Bangkok Post.)

Compare the last six years.

Seven deadly Songkran days

Four out of every five accidents involved motorcycles. So far a total of 442 people have been killed. It should also be noted that statistics taken inside Thailand only includes victims who died at the scene. Can you imagine how much worse the statistics would be if they also included people who died within 30 days?

80 lives lost every day

This link may answer some of the questions.

Thanks for visiting my Seven deadly Songkran days photo blog.

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Seven deadly Songkran days

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