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Pattaya beer music sexy Soi 6

December 26, 2014 by David Herd

Soi 6 Pattaya

Pattaya beer music
Pattaya beer music sin sex, it’s all here in Soi 6. Only a short walk from my Condo surprisingly I rarely go there. I find it too noisy & too many LadyBoys are there plying their trade. Sometimes however it is a lot of fun watching the madness with good friends and cold beer.

Pattaya beer music LadyBoys

Pattaya beer musicI suppose there my be many people who would think this is a girl, but to any one living here it is obviously a man.

Soho bar Soi 6  photo XmasdaySoi643.jpg

The girls are waiting for a hansum man. 🙂

 Big night ahead in Soi 6  photo XmasdaySoi648.jpg

Reasonably quite during the daylight hours this famous street comes to life after dark.

Soi 6 is not known for top shelf babes

Pattaya beer music In fact in my opinion the majority are rather average. However this no way detracts from the fun & the non stop action in Pattaya’s most notorious Soi.

Three Aussies & one Norwegian Pattaya beer music

I can’t keep up with these wild lads.

  Soi 6 waiting for a handsome man. Pattaya beer music

There will be one along soon. 🙂

Food vendors bringing lunch. Pattaya beer music

The street vendors looking to make a buck or two.

 Lovely elf on Soi 6

 photo XmasdaySoi646.jpgThis is Nana from Bangkok the fiancée of one of my Aussie friends.

Photo shoot

Pattaya beer musicI can spot at least two LadyBoys here.

Very glamorous

Pattaya beer music

Dressed to kill. 🙂

Hamish & I watching the parade

Pattaya beer music

Not many streets in Thailand as interesting as Soi 6.

Pattaya beer music in Soi 6

Pattaya beer music

Probably Pattaya’s 2nd most famous Street after Walking St.


Does he know it’s a LadyBoy?

Pattaya beer music I’m betting the answer is yes, well to each his own I guess.

Night falls on Soi 6

Pattaya beer music

Out come the women & the werewolves. 🙂

Pattaya beer music, let the games begin
Pattaya beer music

And the game plan is?

 The signs say it all

David Herd Thailand

Lots of happy days to be had in Soi 6.

Pook bar LadyBoys

LadyBoys Pattaya They looks like a tough group of guys to me. 🙂

Sunday July 19 2015

David Herd Thailand My day began with an innocent glass of champagne at midday at the Mantra Restaurant & Bar, and ended 11 hours later in Soi 6 with an ungainly nosedive onto the road leaving Saigon Lady. I blame Hamish Elton & Todd J Fox for keeping me captive and forcing copious amounts of beer, wine, Jack Daniels & Sambuca down my throat, all against my will of course.

Down but not out

David Herd Thailand

I’m lucky I didn’t break my bloody neck.

Being led into temptation

David Herd Pattaya I’m under extreme pressure here trying to resist temptation. 🙂  

Soi 6 hustler

Soi 6 Pattaya

This little guy would be as cunning as they come.

The dude in Soi 6

David Herd Thailand

Is that cool hand Luke?

Saigon girl


Sexy babe Pattaya

Another pretty face in Soi 6.

 Todd, Matt,David and Hamish

David herd Pattaya Watching Wimbledon on one screen and the cricket on another.

Sinister Soi 6

Pattaya beer music This photo just reminds me of a very sinister scene. 🙂

Dusk in Soi 6

 photo Soi 6 Scooters 4.jpgThe sun goes down and the action begins.

Scooters bar opened 2016

Pattaya beer music

A very good addition to Soi 6, a little more upmarket than many others.

Shopping for a new dress

 photo Soi 6 shopping 1.jpg Only 100 Baht each.

Standard message

Soi 6 Pattaya I no work bar, I wait for you in village.  

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya

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For a more upmarket hotel on Beach Rd

Thai New Year Celebration Pattaya

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Beckington Trowbridge


Here is a TripAdvisor review on one of the well known Soi 6 bars;


5 of 5 starsReviewed 9 October 2014


I have been here loads of times over the years , what impresses me the most is the owners desire to look after his guests , regardless of whether or not you are a regular here or it’s your first visit he does look after his guests . There i was drinking away , minding my own business and a huge platter of sandwiches were being passed around , on another occasion i was off on a trip to ban chang and before we left chris ( the owner ) passed a carrier bag with beers in it !!!!! . There are thousands of bars in Pattaya , but there are only a handful of bar owners who have grasped the concept of looking after your guests , you will visit once and then you will realise what i am saying is true ……. even better , he ‘s a good lad ……. cos he is from Yorkshire ……. well what are you waiting for …….. off ya pop !! . By the way you are wasting your time talking about football with him , he knows bugger all about it ……… he is a Leeds Utd fan


Visited March 2014


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Meanwhile just a few streets away,


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