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Russian bikini babes Pattaya

March 19, 2016 by David Herd

Planet Earth Beach Club

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

 Russian bikini babes Pattaya is all about a contest to pick Miss Love Pattaya Thailand, a popular Pattaya web site. The contest winner will receive B100,000 first prize. The photo above is Planet Earth a great venue for a pool party.

The Russian Bikini Babes Pattaya

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

The one with the great body in the yellow bikini could really move.

More photos of this sexy babe

Russian bikini babes Pattaya                    e2aa5820-3f61-4b8b-87eb-6296ee5452d6             

Further down in this post you will see a great video of her dancing.

Tattooed Russian princess

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

I hate to say it but in a contest in Pattaya between Russian and Thai babes it was a foregone conclusion a Thai girl would win. Check out my photo blog here. When it came to dancing however the Russians were far superior.

Here is the proof

 Posing for a photo

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

Here are the girls on grand final day, the blonde has changed to a black & white bikini, she looked better in the yellow one. 🙂


Russian bikini babes Pattaya

Who got the best photo, him or me? I think I win by a long shot. 🙂

The girls waiting patiently

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

This was early in the afternoon before the crowd arrived.

Superman has arrived on the scene

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

He must have received a message these poor girls were being exploited, so he has come to rescue them from oppression, slavery and possibly forced prostitution.

The tattooed princess has all the moves

Gorillas in our midst.

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

 Some of the beefcake boys in the crowd were more interested in finding a mirror rather than checking out the sexy babes. :)

Wow! Who is this?

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

She was in fact one of the judges in heat number five, I believe she works for one of the local Pattaya gyms.

Want to see a little more?

Russian bikini babes Pattaya         Russian bikini babes Pattaya

Want to see a lot more?

Watching that almost makes me want to hit the gym.

Talking about the gym…

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

I wonder how much time the guy in the blue glasses spends in the gym?

Bacardi Breezer girls & Grey Goose Vodka

Russian bikini babes Pattaya

Many thanks for visiting my Russian bikini babes Pattaya photo blog. Check out this great video below put together by LovePattayaThailand.

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Slide show here.

Pattaya live webcam

That’s all folks

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