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Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

February 14, 2016 by David Herd

Leckerle in Soi 33 Naklua

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants, I have based on food quality and value for money. Decor & service are far less important to me. They are not necessarily in order of preference it just depends on my mood and appetite.

Best cheap Pattaya restaurants

Located about 200 meters from the Dolphin roundabout.

Very good low cost German food, always busy.

Best cheap Pattaya restaurants         Best cheap Pattaya restaurants

Pea soup is excellent (B90) as are the meatballs & potato salad. (B150).

As the sign says, bite me. 🙂

Excellent Food Pattaya RestaurantsOn 3rd Rd near Soi Lenkee.


Lamb Shank

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Excellent value at B390 and the wine was a reasonable as well. Bite Me is near the corner of Soi Lenke and 3rd Rd.

Bella Italia one of the Fabulous Pattaya restaurants

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Situated in 3rd road near the infamous Soi 6 is this great value Italian eatery. A huge selection and a wood fired pizza oven to boot. A litre of Italian wine in only B700. My Italian friend Roland from Sydney gave the food the thumbs up.                    

Parma ham & melon

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

One of my favourites at Bella Italia, service with fresh white bread.

There is another Bella Italia restaurant (a mini me)  in Soi 33 off Naklua Rd about 200 meters north of the dolphin roundabout. The prices & menu are identical and the quality is just as good.

Natan’s another one of the Fabulous Pattaya restaurants

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

This may well be number one for value for your money. The above dish features 3 kinds of fish and only B450. I have been to restaurants where one portion of the above is served as a main. Below is crab & avocado & frog’s legs.

Natan’s Jomtien 

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

A bottle of Australian wine for B700 and B100 discount if you buy two, & of course we did. 🙂

Siamese Cuisine one of the Fabulous Pattaya restaurants

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Located in Naklua Rd opposite Woodlands & La Baguette. Great food at reasonable prices. Here I am with lovely Benjamina from the Mantra.

Excellent food

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Thai or western food, you won’t be disappointed and a bottle of Californian wine only B800.

Australian steak

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants Cooked to perfection.

Cafe Des Amis

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Currently rated number one out of 727 restaurants in Pattaya by TripAdvisor, consistently good food but certainly more expensive than all those above.

Another lamb shank.

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Oh no, not another Australian lamb shank? As you guessed it’s one of my favourites. Plus fresh crab wraps, delicious.

Patrick’s Belgium Steakhouse

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Terrific restaurant in an arcade opposite the Beefeater. Excellent Aussie steaks and the best Oxtail soup in Pattaya. I’m with Greg Clee and Hamish Elton celebrating Hamish’s birthday in July 21 2015.

Excellent steak at Patricks.

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants


I personally think the steaks here are better than the Beefeater, however one litre of house wine is grossly overpriced at B1200, compared to B700 at Beefeater.

Last but not least The Mantra.

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Sunday brunch is and has been for many years my favourite indulgence, Food, décor, service Mantra has it all. Alaskan crab, oysters from France, Aussie beef & wonderful sushi all washed down with cold sake.

A favourite birthday venue for me

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Every year I celebrate with friends at this fantastic venue.

The Mantra is part of the Amari hotel which is a great place to stay overlooking the beach. For an excellent room rate just book through THIS LINK.

What a great room

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Below is a YouTube video which has had over 5,000 views.


The best Sunday brunch in the world.

My favourite ladies

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

Benjamina is the stylish PR lady at Mantra with a smile & a personality to die for.

Anusara Songkarin

Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants

A beautiful tall lady with a wonderful smile, her delightful nickname is Beer.

Shakariki 432

Pattaya Life Absolutely Perfect

An excellent authentic Japanese restaurant in 2nd Rd opposite Mike Hotel. 

     Thanks for visiting my Fabulous Pattaya restaurants post, I have many others I enjoy, for breakfast or street food or beach side dining.

Thanks for visiting my Excellent Food Pattaya Restaurants photo blog, for a great room rate just book though THIS LINK.


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1g Duck


Pattaya live webcam
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