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Pattaya transport interesting options

September 3, 2015 by David Herd

Mean machine

Pattaya transport interesting options……

Pattaya transport interesting options Pattaya transport interseting options are many and varied, here are some of the many alternatives (fast & slow) available to you when you next visit this exciting city. I’m guessing the beast above is a DUCATI MONSTER 821, my apologies if I have it wrong.

The other side of the Ducati  Diavel

Pattaya transport interesting options

Two models will be available when the new 2015 Diavels arrive in May. The standard Diavel—if there is such a thing as a standard Diavel—is the Dark Stealth model, which retails for $17,995 and features a black body, a black trellis frame, black wheels, and black mufflers. Then there’s the $20,995 Diavel Carbon, which is outfitted with unpainted stainless-steel silencers and black Marchesini wheels that are machined just enough to reveal that they are made from forged, lightweight aluminium. Buyers have a choice of two Diavel Carbon colors: Ducati Red with Matte Carbon and a red frame, or Star White with Matte Carbon and a white frame.

Honda GoldWing

Honda Goldwing I notice the 2015 Goldwing comes with an airbag and weighs 933 pounds, how would you ever pick it up if you had to?

Beautiful Harley Davidson

Pattaya transport interesting options

They certainly are a classic machine.

This is more my style

David Herd Thailand

Sadly I feel Pattaya is too dangerous to ride a motorbike, it’s not a question of if you may have an accidents, it’s when you will have an accident.

Now for something completely different

Pattaya transport interesting options This old clunker must be at least 40 or 50 years old and still floating. 🙂

 675 HP perhaps

Pattaya transport interesting options Three huge outboard motors is total overkill for this 30 foot plywood boat.

Upgraded to 750 Horsepower Pattaya transport interesting options

Grossly overpowered, they are obviously making too much money.

Something with a little more character

Pattaya transport interesting options

Now this would suit me foe a day on the water. 🙂

I wonder if its for sale?

Pattaya transport interesting options May need a little work. 🙂

Prefer something little more refined perhaps?

Pattaya transport interesting options

A very nice looking catamaran.

How about a Maverick?

Pattaya transport interesting options

What a wild looking road rocket.

Or a yellow one perhaps?

Pattaya transport interesting options

Yellow or green, either one will do.

This is a very cool jigger

Pattaya transport interesting options These previous 3 vehicles were on display at Central Festival in August 2015.

Pattaya transport options

Pattaya transport interesting options This has got to be the most fantastic bus I have ever seen.


What a great bus

Pattaya transport interesting options

It certainly is an eye catcher.

Great paint job

Pattaya transport options

Another fantastic paint job.

The iconic Baht bus

Pattaya transport interesting options Pattaya’s fantastic bus system, there are hundreds of them, 10 Baht or 70 cents and just ring the bell to jump off anywhere you want.

 Must have fat tyres

Pattaya transport options

Not sure what the advantage is but it looks good.

Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia

Pattaya transport interesting options If you are going to visit the Hard Rock cafe you really need a Ferrari. 🙂

I prefer the Orange Lamborghini Gallardo SV

Pattaya transport interesting options

However for lunch at the mantra an Orange one is far more suitable.

 My reality

Pattaya transport interesting options This is my popular choice of propulsion in Pattaya, Skechers are the best walking shoes I have ever had. 🙂

Jet Ski scammers

Pattaya transport interesting options Along the Beach Road in Pattaya, often between Soi 10 and Soi 13/4 (entrance to Walking Street), Thai Jet Ski touts will approach the tourist. Most likely time to witness the scam unfolding would be between 5pm – 5:30pm as it is getting dark. Particularly outside Mike Shopping Mall, Royal Garden Plaza, and Soi 13/2 to Soi 13/4. The tourist is required to sign a contract with the Jet Ski operators before they board the Jet Ski and have their fun. Cost is around 700 baht ($20) for thirty minutes. When the tourist returns to the beach the Thai Jet Ski operator will board the Jet Ski and bring it up on to the beach. Here is where the scam starts, as they (theatrically and dramatically) point out the damage and demand that the tourist pay for it, typically ranging anywhere from 30,000 baht ($950) to 70,000 baht ($2,200), but it can be 100,000 baht ($3,180) and up. Of course this damage (deep scrapes on the underside of the Jet Ski, scratches to the paintwork, or a broken plastic bumper) has been there all the time. Often, if not most times, it is a group of tourists that are scammed. More people, more money.

If they use the version of the scam where the tourist boards the Jet Ski when it is already submerged in the water, thus hiding the damage that is already on the underside, the scammers don’t need to cover the damaged areas. The damage is revealed once they bring it on to the shore after the tourist has rented it. More government warnings etc here.

Be careful, you have been warned.

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work we go.

  Pattaya transport interesting optionsI love this one, it really doesn’t matter they are travelling the wrong way in a one way street, after all this is one of the many Pattaya transport options. 🙂

Beach Road boom box

Pattaya transport options Want to make some noise?

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Pattaya transport interesting options This is my 2nd favourite mode of transport, the Baht bus.

Sabai Wing Soi 1 North Pattaya

Pattaya low cost budget hotels

Sabai Wing Soi 1, 3 swimming pools and nice rooms, 100 meters from BigC, great value at only $23 usd per night as of August 15. I live in the high-rise in the background, Markland. For a great room rate book here.

For a more upmarket hotel on Beach Rd

Hello welcome Pattaya Beach Rd Thailand

Just use THIS LINK for a terrific rate at the Wave Hotel.

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