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Pattaya Bay Beach Resort Thailand

May 10, 2016 by David Herd

View point Pratumnak Hill

Pattaya Bay Beach Resort

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 Pattaya Bay Beach Resort is a city two hours south of Bangkok. My first visit was 37 years ago in 1980 and after many trips over the years since then I decided to move here from Australia in October 2011. Without a doubt it was the right decision given how expensive the cost of living in Australia has become. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Australia with a passion, however at my age Thailand offers a better lifestyle at an affordable price.

The following photos and video were taken from the naval base on Pratumnak Hill beside the communication tower you can see in the centre of the above photo.

Pattaya Bay Beach Resort

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A perfect view of Pattaya Bay stretching all the way to Wongamat which is the next beach to the north.

Waterfront condo

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Construction was halted in 2014 due to alleged anomalies in the building specifications and planning permits.  Nobody seems to have any idea if and when work will re-commence.

In late 2016 it was reported they have to now remove the top 8 floors of the building.

Bali Hai pier

 photo a51c87dd-c1d2-417d-8699-c449bfeac8fc.jpg

Just below the view point is Bali Hai pier where for B30 you can take a ferry to Koh Larn where there are some excellent beaches and clean water.

A closer look at the pier.

 photo 76b67c33-0150-4431-bca3-a66ea3fc4b00.jpg

The ferries to Koh Larn run about every 39 minutes from 10 am.

Admiral HRH Prince of Chumphon

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 Admiral HRH Prince of Chumphon(also written as ‘Jumborn‘) is the man who is referred to as the ‘Father of the Royal Thai Navy’.

Pattaya city

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The city behind Pattaya Bay Beach Resort.

View to the south

 photo 5358215a-bd7d-419a-bd70-9ba127686631.jpg

As you can see there is a lot of construction under way in Pratamnak.

A building boom

 photo 97d8970d-e115-4286-b783-795c2728677e.jpg

Well if it’s not a building boom I’m not sure how you would describe it in May 2016.

Sunset over Pattaya Bay.

Pattaya Bay Beach Resort

The sunsets in Pattaya Bay Beach Resort are as spectacular as anything I have seen in this world, as are the tropical storms.

Tropical storm

 photo bedd7fac-3775-4f02-b038-197a0fa8051d.jpg

During the wet season which is May to November these fierce storms roll in over the bay often causing severe damage to the beach. Follow this link to see the aftermath of Vamco in 2015.

Para-Sailors in Pattaya bay.

Here is a short video.

Pattaya Bay

Pattaya Bay Beach Resort A great view of the city.

Webcam Pattaya Bay Beach Resort

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Check out Pattaya Bay Beach Resort any time you wish, just bookmark this link.

Strange event

 photo Pattaya Bay June 12 3a.jpg This was June 12th 2017 & at first I thought itr was sand stirred up by the speedboats. Then a suggestion was made it could be the result of some sort of plankton bloom.

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David Herd ThailandI hope you enjoyed my Pattaya Bay Beach Resort photo blog.

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Beach Club Pattaya Bay

Pattaya webcam

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