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Pattaya storm water pipe

November 16, 2015 by David Herd

In comes the storm

Pattaya storm water pipe

 Pattaya storm water pipe is planned to be the solution to Beach Road flooding after every storm. The problem is they need to replicate what they are building opposite Soi 6 in at least 4 other locations.

So the problem begins as you see above when the storm rolls in.

Beach Road floods

Pattaya storm water pipe

When the storm hits within a matter of minutes Beach Road disappears.

The footpath disappears as well

Pattaya storm water pipe


The volume of water is too much for any drain of gutter to handle.

 The solution stage one

Pattaya storm water pipe

This was how it all started by digging up the footpath opposite Soi 6. Naturally at this stage we had no idea what was happening.

The channel

Pattaya storm water pipe

We still were not sure what the plan was.


Pattaya storm water pipe

The work was progressing 4/7.

Lots of equipment in play

Pattaya storm water pipe

It must be costing a fortune with all this equipment in play.

Opposite Soi 6

 Pattaya storm water pipe

Those buildings you can see are on the corner of Soi 6.

To add to their problems

Pattaya storm water pipe

 A storm arrived and wrecked part of the footpath and work site.

Sandbags to keep the water out

Pattaya storm water pipe

On the right you can see the damaged footpath, meanwhile lets hope the sandbags are effective.

The pump station

Pattaya storm water pipe

I’m guessing this will be where the pump will be located.

Pattaya storm water pipe

Pattaya storm water pipe

As you can clearly see it is a frenzy of activity.


Pattaya storm water pipe

Not everything goes to plan here in Thailand.

Houston we have a problem

Pattaya storm water pipe


I have a feeling the boss is not going to be happy.

 It’s not a pipedream

Pattaya storm water pipe

After 4 months of continuous work the first length of pipe is installed.

Then  mid November a large barge arrives

Pattaya storm water pipe

Getting ready for the 2nd length of pipe.

 Here comes the pipe.

Pattaya storm water pipe


Three pipes of this length were joined together.

Para-sailors in the background.

Pattaya storm water pipe

Life goes on as usual in Pattaya, the para-sailors are here every day.

A short video

Thanks for visiting my Pattaya storm water pipe photo blog, I will post more as it happens.

Here is a quote from The Pattaya Mail. a local newspaper on June 17 2016. “In the past year, Pattaya spent 170 million baht to install three huge drainage pipes at the Dusit Curve, Soi 6, and near Walking Street. But even short rainstorms since their completion have shown the pricey pipes are unable to solve Beach Road’s chronic flooding problem.”

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