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Loy Krathong Thailand

November 27, 2015 by David Herd

Float a basket

Loy Krathong Thailand Loy Krathong Thailand means “float a basket”, it’s a beautiful Thai ceremony held every November coinciding with the full moon. The baskets are constructed from banana leaves and flowers, some are small and some are large and elaborate.

Hard at work for Loy Krathong Thailand

Loy Krathong Thailand From 7 am these ladies are busy constructing the Krathongs.

 Small Krathongs

Loy Krathong Thailand The idea is you place a little money in the Krathong then send it out to float and it will take your bad luck with it.

Extra large Krathongs

Loy Krathong Thailand As you can imagine a lot of work goes into making these fabulous Krathongs.

These girls will work for hours

Loy Krathong Thailand Sitting on the Beach Road footpath for hours is no problem for these industrious ladies.

Fast asleep

Loy Krathong Thailand It’s all too much for this young guy, it’s 7’30 am and he is taking a nap.

All hands on deck

Loy Krathong Thailand Even the kids are recruited to help out granny. 🙂

Early evening

 photo Loy Krathong Pattaya 5.jpg Beach Road come alive when the sun goes down. This guy certainly has a lot of stock to sell.

Opposite the A1 hotel.

Loy Krathong Thailand It’s 8.30 pm and where are the crowds?

The lanterns are the star of the show

Loy Krathong Thailand  Lanterns are a wonderful sight floating high in the  sky. Thai people believe if you make a wish prior to take off, and if the lantern is still alight when it goes out of sight, your wish will come true.

Houston, we have a problem

These guys initially had a problem with lift-off, however perseverance won out in the end.

The crowd in 2014

Loy Krathong Thailand

The beach was packed last year for Loy Krathong Thailand 2014.

Loy Krathong Thailand 2015

Loy Krathong Thailand This year I estimate the crowd was only about 10% compared with last year.

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