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Soi LK Metro Pattaya

September 7, 2015 by David Herd

LK Metro

Soi LK Metro Pattaya

Soi LK Metro Pattaya is a great alternative to Walking St, not as many tourists gawking at the girls plus lots of bars and restaurants to choose from. The name comes from the Leng-Kee family, one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Pattaya with properties and businesses all over the City.

Billabong in LK Metro

Billabong LK Metro A popular LK Metro bar with low cost hotel rooms above.

Billabong LK Metro

Billabong LK Metro My Australian friend Greg Johnstone used to own the Billabong, he sold it in 2014 and has taken up farming.

Billabong Pattaya           photo Billabong bar 3.jpg          Soi LK Metro Pattaya


Irish roversPattaya One of my favourite sports bars, lots of TV screens to watch Australian football. 🙂

i-rovers LK Metro

i-Rovers Pattaya

Very cheap rooms here for around 500 Baht if you book through this link.

Champagne agogo LK Metro icon

Champagne-agogo-LK Metro

Champagne has been in LK for many years, however these days there is a lot more competition.

The Office LK Metro

The office LK Metro

So you won’t get lost. 🙂

Soi LK Metro Pattaya

My brother Warren, Ray and Lenny at Billabong in 2011

Soi LK Metro Pattaya

Sadly our good friend Lenny passed away early 2016 after a short battle with cancer, RIP.

Greg Johnstone at Billabong in 2011.

Billabong bar Pattaya I couldn’t resist including this great photo, as I said earlier Greg owned Billabong until 2014.

Soi LK Metro Pattaya bars

Drunken Duck          Soi LK Metro Pattaya          Soi LK Metro Pattaya

Kilkenny LK Metro

Killkenny LK Metro

If I’m not watching sport in LK I like to have a drink at Kilkenny which is opposite Billabong & adjacent to i-rovers. A very good “people watching” spot.

View from Kilkenny

David Herd Thailand

A good bar for watching the passing parade.

Drinks at Kilkenny

Soi LK Metro Pattaya Gordon Shanks from New York and Jonathan Whiting from Brisbane.

Bar location

Soi LK Metro Pattaya

New hotel rooms for $17 per night

Retox Soi Lengkee You are going to find this hard to believe but Retox have nice new hotel rooms in Soi Lenkee where you can stay for only $17 per night if you book through this link. $21 if you would like a nice balcony. 🙂

You will find Soi Lengkee if you cross over Soi Buakhao from Soi Diana travelling away from Pattaya Beach.

Corner LK Metro and Soi Buakhao

Soi LK Metro One of the many go go bars in the area.

 Thanks for visiting Soi LK Metro Pattaya

David Herd Pattaya

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