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Birthday Party Pattaya style

December 30, 2015 by David Herd

Geoff Robinson turns 50

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Birthday Party Pattaya style


Birthday Party Pattaya style for Geoff Robinson at Heaven Gentleman’s club, in this case we use the term loosely. Geoff and his crazy friends are an international “mongrel mob” from all around the world, these guys are hell bent on drinking the town dry.

This great photo shows what a happy bunch of people they are. There are 4 guys from Australia, 1 from New Zealand, 4 from the UK, 1 from the USA, 1 from Germany, 2 from Norway and 1 from Finland. Not to be mistaken for a pot-pourri of poofters, more like a Soi 6 symposium.

Happy birthday Khun Geoff

Birthday Party Pattaya style

The girls welcome Geoff and his friends to Heaven Gentleman’s club on Soi Kasetsin 11 on Pratumnak Hill.

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Birthday Party Pattaya style

It’s only fair to point out Geoff’s rise from humble beginnings. He was a rather shy disturbed lonely child who blossomed later in life when he discovered girls and beer. He turned into a good footballer playing lock forward for Oakdale, an outer western suburb in Sydney. At the 2006 census, Oakdale had a population of 1,006 people so assuming 1/2 were children & 15% of the remainder were men aged around 20, simply proves there was very little competition for a spot in the side. 🙂

Recent headlines in the local paper proves the club never recovered after the loss many years ago of their star lock forward. Many people thought of Geoff  as the “Forest Gump” of Oakdale footy.

 “Oakdale Rugby League Football Club is facing disaster before a ball is kicked in the 2014 Group 6 competition.”

Being a fair unbiased reporter I asked Geoff for his version of life at the Oakdale footy club.

“We were part of Group 6 competition. All the ex NRL players who were cut headed into the group. It was an extremely tough competition. I’ve endured a smashed cheekbone, broken jaw, so many concussions I can’t count them. If you couldn’t handle yourself on the park you couldn’t make it. I was best and fairest 1985. Best forward 1987 & 1990.”

Lets get this show on the road

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Even though among he is known among his friends as the smiling assassin or the Sultan of Soi 6, deep down he is just a hansum chick magnet.

Without further ado lets see a short video of the birthday bash

I think you may now have a general idea of the direction this party is heading.

See the tattooed guys

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Guys, what guys? I don’t see any guys. 🙂

This sexy man is Khun Geoff

Birthday Party Pattaya style

He Mak Mak, we love him long time.

Sorry girls I’m engaged

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Nana Asaya seems to have the wild man under control, and I can’t deny it, they are a very attractive couple.

Wrapped in silver at Geoff’s Birthday Party Pattaya style

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Here are some of the sexy dancing girls at Heaven Gentleman’s Club.

Living quietly in Gosford

Birthday Party Pattaya style


When not in Thailand partying in Soi 6 Geoff lives a quiet life in Gosford on the central NSW coast.  As you can clearly see from the above photo he lives as any other 50 yo Aussie who has three sons and one grandson. Happy birthday granddad. 🙂 Doesn’t everybody have beer on tap in his lounge room these days?

According to my local “deep throat” who we shall refer to as “the Big V”  Geoff apparently suffered from many beatings from the local thugs before deciding enough was enough. He took up Karate determined not to let anybody kick sand in his face ever again. 🙂

He now holds a black belt in Karate and occasionally gives himself an uppercut when he goes off the rails in Soi 6.

Stop splashing or I’ll kick the shit out of you.

Birthday Party Pattaya style

The birthday boy issues a silent warning.

3rd Dan Black Belt

Birthday Party Pattaya style


“The courageous fighter shuns violence. The skillful soldier avoids anger. A mighty warrior does not fight for petty conquests.” Master Po.

Here is where Geoff is at

Birthday Party Pattaya style


The very top of the tree.

The monster mash

Birthday Party Pattaya style

I don’t expect anybody to know what the Monster mash is. However looking at this fabulous photo I had a flashback to 1962. Take a look at this video and tell me if you see any resemblance to the guys in the photo, just saying……..

Am I right, or am I right? 🙂

Is is getting dark or is it my eyes?

Birthday Party Pattaya style

No, I’m sure it’s getting darker.


Birthday Party Pattaya style

 Ah yes, old man. You can see the skies. They look like they’re upset about what mankind has been doing, and they’re threatening the Earth with storms. The clock says it’s daytime, but dark night is strangling the sun. Is it because night is so strong, or because day is so weak, that darkness covers the earth when it’s supposed to be light? Macbeth.

Let there be light

Birthday Party Pattaya style

  “Let there be light,” and there was light.” Being a practicing atheist I’m not revealing who originally said this.

 The boys are back in town.

Birthday Party Pattaya style

The birthday boy surrounded by friends.

I love this shot

Birthday Party Pattaya style

This one has got to be worth framing. 🙂

Bring on the tucker

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Compliments to the staff at Heaven Gentleman’s Club for providing some very good food to keep the “Mongrel Mob” on their feet.

Sexy Lady

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Sexy lady Nana Asaya looking very stylish as usual.

The ladies in red at Geoff’s Birthday Party Pattaya style

Birthday Party Pattaya style

 Heaven Gentleman’s Club girls looking good in red.

Beers & bikinis

Birthday Party Pattaya style          Birthday Party Pattaya style

Time to switch to Jagermeister shots

The beginning of the end

Birthday Party Pattaya style

You can also use these as paint stripper. 🙂

The cake arrives

Birthday Party Pattaya style


Doug is there to supervise. Known  among his friends as the “Evil Duck” he is responsible for the huge profits made by San Miguel. I am told the Philippine government are considering adding him to their new years honour list. A Soi 6 tragic who works in Australia for a law firm with a name like Suckers & Bogans who have the following trademark.

Our motto

Birthday Party Pattaya style


You broke the law, we are here to add to your pain. 🙂

Later that night

Birthday Party Pattaya style

Naturally the party moved to Soi 6 and the night eventually turned into a blur. For those of you who like to be close to the Soi 6 action here is a good hotel close by. This link will get you a great rate.

My birthday present for you.

Birthday Party Pattaya style

 My birthday present for you is this little photo blog to thank you for your friendship and support, I hope you and your many friends enjoy it.

Geoff lives in Gosford, check it out.


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