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White Sands Beach Koh Chang

September 12, 2013 by David Herd

Welcome to Koh Chang

Kacha resort koh chang White Sands Beach Koh Chang I first visited 10 years ago & I wanted to see whether there were many changes on this lovely island. This jetty is the first thing you see upon arrival, then after a 10 minute hilly drive down the west coast you arrive at White Sands Beach.

It really has not changed much since I was there in 2003.

Ferry was a rust bucket.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

The ferry service is very good, 1/2 an hour across the water and only 280 Baht or $9 for our SUV & 2 people. Lots of drinks & snacks on board as well. For those without a vehicle there are busses waiting to take you to your hotel.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

White Sands beach 

In many ways Koh Chang reminds me of Koh Samui 15 years ago. I used to love Koh Samui in the 90’s but the more it developed the more the attraction faded.

Pool at the Kacha Resort.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

 The Kacha Resort was a great place to stay, close to lots of restaurants and bars and probably the best hotel room I have ever stayed in. This time I lived up to my name, the Five Star Vagabond. Here is a short video showing some details of this terrific hotel.

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Kacha Resort

White Sands Beach Koh Chang          White Sands Beach Koh Chang          White Sands Beach Koh Chang

A great location on the beach & near lots of restaurants.

Nice pool

White Sands Beach Koh Chang Pool or beach, decisions decisions. 🙂

A cold Singha beer hits the spot.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

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Banpu Resort, White Sands Beach.

Bandu Resort White Sands beach

A more conventional Thai resort.

Nong Bug restaurant.

White Sands Beach


This Thai seafood restaurant with the great name was the busiest in White Sands Beach by a long way. To us that meant the food was fresh because of the turnover. The price was low and the food excellent.

Street market White Sands Beach.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang All the usual stuff is on sale at the street markets, a sexy ladies bikini can be bought for 250 Baht or $8. Naturally you are expected to haggle.

Genuine reproductions here.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang There are many art shops in Thailand where you can have your favourite painting copied for a very low cost, want a Picasso? Well this guy will paint you one.  😳

Happy beach vendors.

white sands beach

 The beach vendors here are a happy bunch, lots of bracelets, and goodies for 50 to 100 Baht.

Amari Emerald Cove hotel Koh Chang.

Amari Hotel Koh Chang

 The Amari Hotel Emerald Cove is quite an amazing property, absolute luxury. It is on the beach and has the biggest swimming pool I have ever seen in a hotel. If you want to spoil yourself this could be the place for you.

La Dolce Vita.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

La Dolce Vita is a very good Italian restaurant in White Sands Beach, the staff are friendly and the food is good. The owner hails from Milan and knows how to make a very good pizza.

Caught up with the owner

White Sands Beach Koh Chang A happy Italian who serves up good food.

Beautiful Coconut Beach.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang Just 6 kms south of White Sands Beach is Coconut Beach, a beautiful almost deserted stretch of white sand where the water is clean and calm. A number of resorts are here for those who prefer a quieter more peaceful environment. The Coconut Beach Resort is one worth considering.

Coconut Beach Resort.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang Much quieter than White Sands Beach, and a much nicer stretch of sand, I imagine it would be an ideal honeymoon destination.

Koh Chang sunset.

Sunset Koh Chang Koh Chang is famous for beautiful sunsets, I never get tired of watching the sun set in the west. My next Thai island adventure will probably be a return to Koh Samui.

In fact I went back to Koh Samui in June 2016, & was pleased to see it has improved out of sight.

Pothole is happy

White Sands Beach Koh Chang Pothole aka John Martin loves Thai ladies & orange clothes. 🙂 He is with Tom & Annie from the Double Lucky bar.

Motorbike taxi

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

I gave this nice lady 100 Baht to drive me 500 meters to the hotel before the rain, a small price to pay to stay dry.

Farewell to Annie & her friend.

White Sands Beach Koh Chang A nice friendly island.

Fun with the elephants

 photo f05081b1-983e-4274-b5e2-e11b0cbba741.jpg Here is my friend Hamish Elton having fun with the elephants.

 photo Hamish amp Nitt Koh Chang 2.jpg           photo Hamish amp Nitt Koh Chang 3.jpg           photo 86f64c13-66af-4d72-a61b-f03347342bcf.jpg

 The gorgeous Thai girl is Nitt from Khon Kaen, Hamish of course is known is Thailand as the king of selfies. 🙂

White Sands Beach Koh Chang

David Herd on the ferry. photo IMG_4336.jpg About a 40 minute cruise from the mainland.

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