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Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

December 14, 2014 by David Herd

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground is in my opinion the best of the red light areas in this great city. Nana Plaza come in 2nd place with Patpong Rd a distance third. Located near Sukhumvit Road, between Sukhumvit Soi 21 (also called Soi Asoke) and Soi 23, within walking distance from the BTS Skytrain’s Asoke Station and the Bangkok Metro’s Sukhumvit Station. The Pullman Grand Sukhumvit Hotel is nearby.

The go-go bars follow the pattern common in Thailand, lots of alcohol is served hundreds of women in bikinis dance on a stage topless or even nude.

Country Road

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

The soi was given its name by longtime nightlife columnist Bernard Trink, after the late T. G. “Cowboy” Edwards, a retired American airman who opened one of the first bars there in 1977. A tall African-American, Edwards got his nickname because he often wore a cowboy hat.

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground Spice Girls

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground 

When Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was elected in 2001, his government instituted a “social order” campaign. As part of this, all bars, nightclubs and restaurants had to close by 2am, later changed to 1am for all areas not officially designated as “entertainment zones”. (Unlike Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza were not so designated). A mandatory midnight closing time was even discussed.

Over the years this policy has eased, and as of 2012, some Soi Cowboy bars stay open as late as 2:30am.

And here are the Spice girls

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Soi Cowboy Bangkok is more expensive than Nana Plaza, it is also more spectacular, a Jack soda is 180 Baht, when you buy a girl a drink it costs 220 baht. These clubs love to rob you, so Roland & I tipped the girls 100 Baht cash instead of giving it to the club. Out of the 220 Baht for a ladies drink the girls get 50 Baht and the club keeps 170.

David Herd and Roland Bonnici

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Here I am with my friend Roland who is a Sydney Barrister specializing in criminal law. He has more energy and staying power than I do so I now call in the Bangkok Energiser Bunny. 🙂

Lovely face at Soi Cowboy

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

A sweet girl who Roland bought a few drinks for, he charges $300 an hour to represent the Sydney criminals so $8 a lady drink is small change. 🙂 She of course spun him the usual line saying ” I have only been here for one month after leaving my home in the country. Roland being such a nice guy believed her, naturally I got into his ear to quickly explain that 80% of the girls use this tried & true  line of B…sh…t. 🙂

Move baby move

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

She could really move, should have taken a movie.

More Spice girls

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

The girls are patiently waiting for customers.

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Soi Cowboy Bangkok is really a lot of fun, some of the bars have rock bands playing far too loud for my liking, however most geriatrics like myself usually prefer the volume to be low enough to be able to communicate this those around you.

Hellooooo baby, where you go?

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

You will probably hear this question 30 times a night if not more. 🙂

Back to Country Road

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Bright lights & gorgeous girls.

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

But looking at them just gives me the blues. I can handle this bright noisy scene about two times a year, usually when friends come to town and want to see the sights.

It really is deja vu for me

Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

I guess I have just been hitting the night spots in too many cities for too many years. These days I enjoy myself more in a good restaurant with nice people and soft music in the background. One thing is certain in Bangkok there is no shortage of terrific restaurants, and anything else you want for that matter.

Here is a link to some Bangkok restaurants

Another link to the surrounding area


Roland loved Soi Cowboy
Sexy Soi Cowboy Bangkok playground

Just check out the look on his face to see how much he loves this wild Soi Cowboy Bangkok scene.  

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That’s all folks

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