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Bangkok’s Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct

July 15, 2017 by David Herd

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The Commons Soi 55 Thonglor

Bangkok’s Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct Bangkok’s Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct is off Soi 55 Sukhumvit in Thonglor. A wonder collection of eateries in an interesting “factory like” building.

Interesting name

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct One of the many terrific food outlets on the ground floor market area.

Fresh bread fro the bakery

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct We enjoyed some of this bread with lunch at “Roast”.

Soul food anyone?

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct There are some fabulous choices of interesting cuisines at this fabulous Bangkok’s Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct.

Here is the best tip I can pass on to you.

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct 

Both my brother Warren & I both agree the lunch “special” at “Roast” on the top floor is the best value we have ever had in Thailand, & in most other countries as well. There is a choice on entree, main course & desert for only B340 or $10 usd.

The set lunch Menu

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct 

The quality of the food & presentation is exceptional.

Smoked salmon & avocado

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct Warren chose this for his main course after his mixed leaf Caesar to begin.

Wonderful pasta.

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct 

After my entree of potato chowder I had what may be one of the best pastas I have ever eaten.

We both had the Millefeuille for desert.

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct And yes, it tasted just as goo as it looks. 🙂

The busy kitchen at “Roast”.

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct We were both so impressed not just with the food, but the presentation, service & cleanliness of this reasonably hard to find top floor restaurant.

The “Roast” bar

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct 

Do yourself a favor & put the Roast on your Bangkok bucket list. I’m not exaggerating how good this place is, TripAdvisor rates it #107 of 9,975 Restaurants in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct Craft beer

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct Craft beer bars are a little bit like the “selfie stick”, they are everywhere. I’m not really a fan of paying double the price for a beer & not knowing if I’m going to like it or not.

 The Plant House

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct The Commons is 90% food with a couple of exceptions like the Plant house, there is also a large children’s play room.

The Lobster Lab

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct This was my first choice for lunch before my brother found the “Roast”, however I will return. 🙂

Source is the resident grocer.

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct Just another one of the fabulous food outlets.

Meat & Bones

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct What a great name, Split logs piled in the open kitchen hint at the way in which food is prepared, although due to sizing constraints all meat is roasted off-site, at a house on Sukhumvit Soi 105.

I love this mural.

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct There is a lot to like about Bangkok’s Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct.

Liquor outlet at The Commons

Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct They have covered most of the bases here. 🙂


Bangkok's Artisan Cafe Restaurant precinct 

Thonglor is quite an upmarket area of Bangkok. Follow THIS LINK for more on this area.

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