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Amazing Bangkok busses

July 14, 2016 by David Herd

Amazing Bangkok busses

Amazing Bangkok busses  Amazing Bangkok busses transporting tourists all over Thailand, many are decorated in bizarre colours often featuring Japanese cartoon & Disney characters. Eagles, serpents you name it they have got it. I have never seen anything like it anywhere in the world, take a bow Thailand for giving us so many great photo opportunities.

Bright & exciting colours

Amazing Bangkok busses I have no idea how they produce these amazing creations, I’m guessing it’s all created on computer then automatically painted on the production line, then again how would I know? 🙂

There was a comment on Facebook that explained to process, it is a vinyl wrap, using the same machines that produce outdoor posters, then they just wrap them round the bus.

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I see Johnny Walker at the front

Amazing Bangkok busses I’m also guessing they didn’t get permission to use the Johnny Walker logo. 🙂

Back view

Amazing Bangkok busses

Six exhausts and speakers for sound.

This beast is one of my favourites

Amazing Bangkok busses It was parked a few meters from where I live in Soi 1 Pattaya so I was able to have a close look.

Eight lethal exhaust pipes

Amazing Bangkok busses           Amazing Bangkok busses           Amazing Bangkok busses

Imagine if a motorbike crashed into the back of this bus, the exhaust pipes were on a 45 degree angle with sharp edges pointing upwards. Perfectly positioned to impale a human being. You gotta love Thailand.

 Beach Road Pattaya

Amazing Bangkok busses Every morning hundreds of busses converge on Beach Road Pattaya bringing thousands Chinese tourists who board the boats to go para-sailing and visit Koh Larn island.

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This yellow one will get noticed.

Amazing Bangkok busses There are so many amazing styles, this one looks like a huge yellow monster. 🙂

The Eagle has landed.

Amazing Bangkok busses And the beat goes on, it must be a prestige thing the way some of these guys push it to the limit.

 You light up my life

Amazing Bangkok busses


Or so the song goes, I really want to ask a question, do you think this guy is trying just a little too hard?

David Herd Thailand

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Amazing Bangkok busses

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