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Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

October 23, 2015 by David Herd

Donhwamun Gate Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

 photo Changdeokgung Palace 3.jpg

Changdeokgung Palace Seoul was built in 1405 and was completed in 1412. It was burnt to the ground during the Japanese invasion in 1592 when the royal family fled during the Japanese invasion of Korea, it was then reconstructed in 1609. What an incredible history of conflict these two countries have had over the centuries.

Changdeokgung Palace Seoul

 photo Changdeokgung Palace Seoul 1.jpg The Palace has been treasured by Koreans for centuries, and was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Committee in December of 1997. How lucky was I to have this beautiful blue sky to make my photos look so much better.

Chong-jon hall

 photo Changdeokgung Palace 14.jpg Changdeokgung Palace was one of the places visited by the first ladies of the Seoul G20 summit during the G20 conference in Seoul in November 2010. It is one of the most historically significant attractions that represent the beauty of Korea.

Inside the hall
 photo Changdeokgung Palace 16.jpg

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The main Hall
 photo Changdeokgung Palace 15.jpg

It is fascinating to think these rooms have not changed for centuries. You can just imagine the pomp and ceremony.

A warm welcome

 photo Changdeokgung Palace 6.jpg  A warm welcome from two pretty ladies in traditional dress. Their outfits look absolutely fantastic. 🙂

Now listen carefully

 photo Changdeokgung Palace schoolkids 1.jpg School kids having a history at Changdeokgung Palace Seoul. What a terrific outfit and hat the teacher is wearing.

Outside the Palace

 photo Changdeokgung Palace 5.jpg A very peaceful setting yet so close to the city. Seoul was a surprise packet for me, so many interesting places to enjoy.

First of two short videos

My apologies for fouling up the pronunciation but languages have never been my strong point. 🙂

Second short video

This is the main hall.

Thanks for visiting my Changdeokgung Palace Seoul photo blog. Follow THIS LINK to see my favourite part of Seoul, Itaewon, such a fantastic area for bars and restaurants.

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