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World’s best Chilli crab Singapore

September 26, 2014 by David Herd

Chilli crab in Singapore

Chili crab Singapore

World’s best Chilli crab Singapore without a doubt, it’s my favourite pastime in this great city. Imported from Sri Lanka they are the biggest I have ever seen, up to 3.3 kilos.

Have a closer look

Chili crab Singapore

These monsters are certainly not cheap, from memory this one set me back about $120.

A 3.3 kilo monster

Chili crab SingaporeThe East Coast Seafood Centre

Steve picks our lunch

Chili crab SingaporeThe East Coast Seafood Centre  in East Coast Park, Singapore, best known for co-locating several major local seafood restaurants, including Jumbo Seafood and Long Beach Seafood Restaurant. It’s only about 10 minutes to the airport. The address is 1206 E Coast Parkway #01-07/08, Singapore 449883.

Amazing chili crab

Chili crab Singapore As you can imagine it takes well over an hour to work your way through this wonderful meal.

Boat Quay Singapore

Boat Quay SingaporeThis is the main location in the city for chili crab, there are around 30 waterfront restaurants vying for your attention. Boat Quay is a historical quay in Singapore which is situated upstream from the mouth of the Singapore River on its southern bank.

Chilli crab at Boat Key

Chili crab Boat Key

Boat Quay is one of my favourite districts in Singapore.

Boat Quay Singapore

Chilli crab Singapore There are so many pubs & restaurants to choose from  here at Boat Quay, Friday & Saturday nights it’s a madhouse.

 Boat Quay

Boat Quay

Such a peaceful riverside setting.

 Boat Quay is very popular with the locals

Chilli crab Singapore  A bunch of expats enjoying a few cold beers.

Local characters as well

Boat Quay Singapore

Bright lights and loud music make sure you won’t miss this guy.  

Victorian London Pub at Boat Quay

Victorian London Pub

A very popular watering hole in Singapore.

Can’t get fresher than this

Boat Quay Singapore

Make sure you haggle over the price, you can usually get a 10% discount.

 Local map

Marina Bay 

David Herd at Boat Quay Singapore in 2014

David Herd Boat Quay Singapore

As I said earlier Chilli crab Singapore is the world’s best, one my way to Istanbul on February 24th 2015 I have arranged a 9 hour stop over in Singapore so I can visit The East Coast Seafood Centre for another wonderful dining experience.


  Flashback to 1998 with the mudcrabs I caught from my jetty.

David Herd

The biggest I ever caught was around 2 kilo, most however were 1.5, there is nothing like freshly caught mudcrab.

That’s all folks


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