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Tokyo fabulous food 2015

October 4, 2015 by David Herd

The Cellar Grill Omotesando

Tokyo fabulous food 2015 Tokyo fabulous food 2015 was my 4th visit to this wonderful city. This time I was travelling with my friend Hamish from Pattaya who is also a lover of fine food & wine.

Tokyo fabulous food          Tokyo fabulous food          Tokyo fabulous food

The Cellar Grill Tokyo fabulous food

Tokyo fabulous food

The food and atmosphere here is fabulous, I started with the chicken liver pate followed by baked avocado & BBQ sausages, Hamish went for the oysters followed by a rare steak, everything was perfect.

Our friendly waiter at the Cellar Grill

Tokyo fabulous food 2015

One of the happy workers at Cellar Grill.

Video at The Cellar Grill

Piss Alley Shinjuku

Tokyo fabulous food Piss Alley Tokyo very quaint Street in Shinjuku which really has a distinctive personality. Known also as Memory Lane however I think Piss Alley has a far better sound to it. 🙂

Piss Alley Tokyo was named many years ago, when it was a shady destination for criminals to get drunk together. The place wasn’t very built up back in those days, so instead of using a toilet, people just relieved themselves wherever they could.

Two Americans in Piss Alley

Tokyo fabulous food 2015 The restaurants here are tiny and some of them will actually turn you away because they are waiting for their regular customers to arrive.

If you want an excellent hotel 200 meters from Shibuya station & close to our “no name” restaurant, the Granbell is highly recommended. Use this link for a great rate.

 Piss Alley restaurant

Piss Alley Tokyo

These are so many fascinating little restaurants here.

 Bright lights of Memory Lane

Piss Alley TokyoThe collection of small Shinjuku bars evocatively called Piss Alley (‘Shonben Yokocho’) — or Memory Lane (‘Omoide Yokocho’), as the authorities would rather you call it — is a sliver of post-war Japanese culture a few minutes walk from Shinjuku station. The cramped alley of restaurant and bar stalls offers a ‘nostalgic’ experience, which means something like visiting a decrepit shanty-town.

Hamish Elton at Piss Alley

Piss Alley Shinjunku

Hamish loved his first visit to Tokyo.

Hagaya at Shibuya Tokyo fabulous food

Tokyo fabulous food 2015 I found this gem on my first night in Shibuya, fantastic Wagyu & chicken skewers. I went back a 2nd time and had the same food again all washed down with ice cold Asahi super dry beer.

Happy chef at Hagaya

Tokyo fabulous food

Tokyo fabulous food          Tokyo fabulous food          Tokyo fabulous food 2015

Only 100 meters from the Shibuya crossing, address: 2-6-3 Dogenzaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo


Sushizanmai Tokyo fabulous food

Tokyo fabulous food 2015 Open 24 hours a day adjacent to the Tsujiki fish market is my favourite restaurant in Tokyo. It is an experience to enjoy and remember. If you want a quiet romantic setting cross this place off your list. It is a happy frenetic chaotic dining experience, and the food is wonderful.  There is always a queue waiting to get in, make sure you sit at the sushi counter on the ground floor.

Best to sit at the counter

Sushizanmai Tokyo

The restaurant is open 24/7.

One of the happy chefs

Tokyo fabulous food 2015

This is the best sushi in the world.

Two of the happy customers

Tokyo fabulous food My friend Hamish was really enjoying his first trip to Tokyo, he was blown away by the quality and price at Sushizanmai.

Tokyo fabulous food 2015          Tokyo fabulous food          Tokyo fabulous food 2015

Sushzanmai has the best quality sushi in the world at a reasonable price.

Tokyo fabulous food

So many choices and such little time. 🙂

I’ll be back next year. 🙂

Tokyo fabulous food

Bluefin Tuna Sells for $117,000 at Tokyo Auction

I have stayed in two excellent budget hotels very close to Sushizanmai, use these links to book and get a very good rate. Hotel Tokyu-Stay and Hotel Ban.

Check out this video to experience the atmosphere.

Shabusen at the Ginza

Shabusen Ginza

Wagyu beef at Shabusen at the Ginza, a terrific restaurant for Shabu Shabu, go at lunch time for special prices.

Shabu Shabu at Shabusen

Tokyo fabulous food 2015

Slicing the beautiful Wagyu beef.

David Herd & Hamish Elton at Shabusen

Tokyo fabulous food There are two branches, the one in the basement is a far better layout. Located at the Ginza Core department store in basement level 2 (B2) TripAdvisor rating #139 of 5,353 Restaurants in Chuo

CAFE de METRO at Omotosando Station.

Metro Cafe Omotosando Station Now this is another hidden gem located in Omotosando station. A great place for light snacks including very good pasta, plus cakes and croissants.


Tokyo fabulous food My friends and I always meet at this great cafe every time I visit Tokyo.

Tokyo fabulous food          Tokyo fabulous food         Tokyo fabulous food

Thanks for visiting my October 2015 post.

Tokyo fabulous food Tokyo is the best city in the world for food, more Michelin star restaurants than Paris & New York combined, as well as the many “hole in the wall” gems. I have just completed my 4th trip and intend to visit again every year.

I’m now heading off to Osaka for my first visit. I’m looking forward to visiting Nara and the Todai-ji temple.

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