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Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

July 25, 2015 by David Herd

Get ready

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo takes place at the famous intersection outside Shibuya Station. the traffic is stopped in all directions, which allows pedestrians to walk & scramble in every direction across the intersection.

Off you go

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo The name “Shibuya” is also used to refer to the shopping district which surrounds Shibuya Station, one of Tokyo’s busiest railway stations. This area is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area.

The masses collide 🙂

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo Shibuya Crossing is one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. Shibuya Station is the third busiest station in Tokyo. The busiest in Tokyo and the world of course is Shinjuku.

Beautiful girls

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo You will see all different kinds of people and outfits in Shibuya, that’s why it’s one of my favourite places in Tokyo.

Fabulous faces in Shibuya

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the world’s best cities for people watching.

Shibuya Scramble Tokyo

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

Something to see around every corner.

Tokyo fashion

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

Of course close to Shibuya on a Sunday morning you can also see the fabulous Harajuku girls.

Fabulous at night

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway, but for me Tokyo is the neon capital of the world. The Ginza, Kabukicho and Shibuya are just three of the districts that will blow your mind.

Shibuya 109

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo Here is a popular shopping mall where the trendy Tokyo teenagers shop in more than 100 boutiques.

Dusk in Shibuya

Shibuya Scramble Tokyo The crowd seems to increase when the sun goes down  and all the workers head for the shops, restaurants and bars.

Merry Xmas 2007

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

My first visit was December 2007 then March 2014 and I’m returning in September 2015 & October 2016..

Cool dude

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

I wonder what type of music he likes?


Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

The speciality here is sweet, fluffy cheese tarts, with a gooey core that oozes out when you cut it open.

Shibuya hamburger

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

The food is one of the main attractions for me.

The Cellar Grill

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo One of my favourite restaurants is only a 15 minute walk from Shibuya station. Good food and a great atmosphere.

Wine at Cellar Grill

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo Thanks for visiting my Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo photo blog, I’m really looking forward to my next trip in September 2015, I’ll be staying at the Shibuya Granbell Hotel.

Granbell Hotel

Shibuya Chaotic Scramble Tokyo

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What a great year for travel in 2015                  

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Beckington Trowbridge


A quaint Tokyo street

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