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Harajuku Girls Tokyo

July 22, 2015 by David Herd

Harajuku Girls Tokyo

Harajuku Girls Tokyo Harajuku Girls Tokyo originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. It may have been brought to many people’s attention by American singer Gwen Stefani, but the evolution of the style certainly didn’t begin with her and it certainly won’t end with her. Like many “street fashions” it is difficult to characterise because it is constantly changing and because it has many manifestations.

Very cute indeed

Harajuku Girls Tokyo

These photos were taken a few years ago, I believe now in 2016 there are not as many girls gathering here every Sunday.

Comparing notes

 photo Fabulous Harajuku girls 001 4.jpgMix and (mis)match different fashions. What is now known as Harajuku (like Halloween in Japan every Sunday) style started as teens in the district began to integrate traditional Japanese attire, especially kimonos and geta sandals, into their wardrobe. Before, they wore primarily clothes that were influenced by the West, but by mixing the traditional with the modern, they created a new style. Other examples of mixing and matching including the punk look with the schoolgirl uniform or a goth look with designer clothes. In Harajuku, mixing different styles and mismatching colours and patterns is encouraged – you can do anything you want, as long as your outfit is a thoughtful expression of your individuality.

Lots of style here

Harajuku Shibuya  It’s impossible to pinpoint one “Harajuku style.” Many styles have originated or developed on the streets of Harajuku, and many Harajuku girls (and boys) integrate one or more of these somewhat more defined styles into their outfits.

Pink is my colour

Harajuku Girls Tokyo Decora style favours bright colours, flamboyance and accessories from head to toe. You decorate yourself with plastic toys and jewellery, and it’s not uncommon to have so many that you can hear them click together when the person moves

Here I am

Harajuku Girls Tokyo I just had to get a shot with the Harajuku Girls Tokyo.

Love the purple hat

Fabulous Harajuku girls

A beautiful Japanese face.

Lots of style this girl

Harajuku Girls Tokyo

A very interesting fashion statement.

Panda hat

Harajuku boys

A great hat & a nice tie.

Perhaps I’m a little confused

David Herd Thailand  Don’t be worried what other people think of you. People might think your weird, Asian people might call you gaijin, but if you’re happy, don’t change for other people. Advice from this webpage.

Ah! What the heck

Harajuku Girls Tokyo  Many styles have originated or developed on the streets of Harajuku, and many Harajuku girls (and boys) integrate one or more of these somewhat more defined styles into their outfits.

 Pink panthers

Harajuku Girls Tokyo

I must say I’m not a fan of body piercing.

Painted faces

Harajuku Girls Tokyo

A couple of very cool dudes.

I’m guessing they are Goths

Harajuku goths

A good horror movie outfit.

A gathering of Goths

Fabulous Harajuku girls

Harajuku girls are one of the most interesting sights to see in Tokyo.

Lets finish with “cute”

 photo Fabulous Harajuku girls 001 17.jpg

Bye bye girls, nice to meet you.

Harajuku station

Harajuku Girls Tokyo Here is where it all begins, Harajuku Station is a railway station near Shibuya.

Here is where they buy their clothes

David Herd Thailand A nearby busy street is where many of them buy their clothes.

Don’t buy anything

Harajuku Girls Tokyo What you are wearing now is perfect. 🙂

Just walking the dogs

 photo Fabulous Harajuku girls 001 31.jpg

They all seem to be the same breed. 🙂

Hmmm, not sure he approves.

Harajuku Girls Tokyo

A very interesting face in the crowd.

 This should explain everything

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