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Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

October 4, 2015 by David Herd

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple Todai-ji Buddhist Temple is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”, along with seven other sites including temples, shrines and places in the city of Nara. Deer are regarded as messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion, hundreds roam the grounds and parks around the temple.

Many school children

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple Half the crowd were school children enjoying this beautiful temple.

During the Tenpyō era, Japan suffered from a series of disasters and epidemics. It was after experiencing these problems that Emperor Shōmu issued an edict in 741 to promote the construction of provincial temples throughout the nation.

An awesome breathtaking building

Todai-ji Nara

This is one of the most impressive temples I have seen in Japan.

Amazing statues

Todai-ji Nara

Magnificent huge statues at Todai-ji Buddhist Temple.

Daibutsu of Tōdai-ji

Todai-ji Nara Osaka

The principal image of the temple, a colossal bronze statue popularly called the Nara Daibutsu (Great Buddha of Nara), completed in 752, it was installed in its daibutsuden (great Buddha hall). The image embodied the Buddha Birushana who was regarded by the Kegon sect as the cosmic, central Buddha. Over the centuries the icon was severely damaged several times and finally restored to its present form in 1692. Most of the extant Todaiji buildings are restorations of earlier structures.

 Bodhisattva statue Kokuzo Bosatsu

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple Bodhisattva statue Kokuzo Bosatsu inside the Daibutsuden Great Buddha Hall at Todaiji Temple in Nara.

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Totally inspiring.

Guardian statue inside the temple

Todai-ji Nara

The attention to detail is incredible.

Another Guardian statue inside the temple

Todai-ji Nara temple

A very frightening appearance.

Models of temple buildings

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple          Todai-ji Nara building          Todai-ji Nara deer

These models help put the scale into perspective.

 Column at the Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Todai-ji Buddhist TempleThere is a square hole at the base of this massive wooden column where for some unknown reason people crawl through. There is always a friend at the other side to take the obligatory photo of course. 🙂

Fat kid through the hole

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

For a while there I didn’t think this fat kid would make it. 🙂

Hundreds of deer roam the area near the temple

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Deer are regarded as messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion, hundreds roam the grounds around the temple.

Pindola (Binzuru) statue

Healing Buddha

According to the earliest Indian sutra‘s Pindola Bharadvaja was one of four Arhats asked by the Buddha to remain in the world to propagate Buddhist law (Dharma). Each of the four was associated with one of the four compass directions.

Pindola is said to have excelled in the mastery of occult and psychic powers. He was once remonstrated by Buddha for misusing his powers to impress simple, ignorant people


Japanese temples

Incense Burner

Temples Japan

There was an incense Burner at either end of the long walkway.

The other Incense Burner

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

I really enjoyed my visit to the Todai-ji Buddhist Temple.

Somebody is safe when I have my camera

David Herd Thailand

Very cute indeed. 🙂

There are deer everywhere.

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

So tame and used to being hand fed.

Such a beautiful temple

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

Totally impressive and well worth the visit.

Todai-ji Buddhist Temple

 photo Tdai-ji Nara 29.jpg

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