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Fabulous food Osaka

October 12, 2015 by David Herd

Osaka BBQ

Osaka BBQ Fabulous food Osaka starting with this little “hole in the wall” restaurant we found by accident in Dotonbori. I don’t even know the name, it’s located in one of the many small alleys of the main drag.

 BBQ Avocado with Soi and salt

baked avocado I was under the impression that I didn’t like cooked avocado until I tried this wonderful dish. It was so good  ordered a second helping. 🙂

Osaka restaurant          Fabulous food Osaka          Chicken photo Osaka 1st night 61.jpg

These two boys could really cook

Fabulous food Osaka Hamburger and Tomato sauce was also delicious, I washed everything down with plenty of hot sake. The place was empty when we arrived and full 90 minutes later when we left.

Asahi ice cold super dry

Fabulous food Osaka

One of the world’s great beers.

David Herd & Hamish Elton

David Herd Osaka On the 3 nights I was in Osaka I started the evening beside the Dotonbori canal with a couple of ice cold Asahi super dry. Only 500 Yen or 300 Thai Baht, or $4 usd, not bad for a country people think is expensive. 🙂


Fabulous food Osaka Say no more, wink wink nudge nudge, to borrow a Monty Python line just to get your attention. 🙂 The branch at Tsujiki fish market in Tokyo is my favourite restaurant in Japan. It is an experience to enjoy and remember. I must say the Dotonbori branch is also fantastic. Wonderful fresh sushi and a very reasonable price. They have a huge sign on the main drag which leads you down a hallway to this rather large establishment. A complimentary dish of escargot was a nice surprise. I am always amazed at the reasonable price to dine in style at Sushizanmai. 🙂

 Ranked #119 of 16,497 Restaurants in Osaka by TripAdvisor.
Fabulous food Osaka          Sushizanmai Osaka restaurant          Sushizanmai Osaka

Fabulous food Osaka

Sushizanmai Osaka If you are in Osaka put this restaurant on your list.

So many choices and such little time.

Fabulous food Osaka Everywhere you turn in Dotonbori there is somewhere to eat. It is a wonderful restaurant precinct.

This happy guy offered me a sample.

Happy guy Osaka He was so pleased I took his photo he offered me a sample of his food.

Another “hole in the wall”

Fabulous food Osaka I really believe the small restaurants in the narrow alleys are by far the best value.

Beef and chicken BBQ skewers

Fabulous food Osaka Washed down with hot Sake, delicious.

Join the locals for a beer

Fabulous food Osaka There are not so many places in Dotonbori that cater for drinkers, 95% specialise in food.

Use this link for a good budget hotel in a great location.


Osaka Japan  Dotonbori is the entertainment centre of Osaka, it has the lights & the action you just need the camera. The number of restaurants large & small is mind boggling.

Glorious Cafe Shinsaibashi

Fabulous food Osaka A very nice cafe restaurant in the Diesel shop at Shinsaibashi, please don’t be fooled by the sign out the front offering happy hour beers for 300 Yen. I ordered 2 or 3 and specifically asked the waiter for what was on the sign. However when the bill arrived they were 50% more, when i queried it he said you must order food to get the happy hour price, foiled again. 🙂

Glorious Cafe Shinsaibashi

Glorious Cafe Osaka

Oh well, the beers tasted good even at full price. 🙂

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