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Kumamoto trams sake yakitori

November 20, 2016 by David Herd

Too much sashimi is never enough

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Kumamoto trams sake yakitori was on my list travelling from Hiroshima to Kagoshima on the Shinkansen, so I decided to spend 24 hours in Kumamoto to see the earthquake damage to the beautiful castle.

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori One of my passions is Japanese food, which help make my visits to the great country a total joy.

As for the sake

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Well that’s another story, it kind of sneaks up on you after 2 or 3 small bottles. Made from rice, “Sake” is an alcoholic beverage peculiar to Japan. It has a long history dating back to the 3rd century A.D.


Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Plus edamame washed down with cold beer, delicious.

Lots of choices here

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Often language can be a barrier in Japan, however in restaurants like this you just have to point. 🙂

Seattles best coffee

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Any idea who they may be having a go at, and I wonder what Starbucks thinks of the name? 🙂

Seattle’s other coffee

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori From what I have read about Seattle it always seems to be raining, perhaps that’s why everybody sits in coffee shops because it’s too wet to go outside. 🙂

Their coffee & cake suits me

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori I must admit I am a Starbucks fan.

Covered arcades

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Japan in famous for it’s covered arcades which are simply shopping walkways crisscrossing the cities. Many as you can see have circular transparent domes running along the roof line letting in light and sunshine.


Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Japanese people seem to be addicted to these noisy gambling parlours which occupy prime positions in all of the busy parts of a city. The pachinko machine is like a vertical pinball machine with no flippers and a large number of relatively small balls. The noise inside these parlours is so loud it certainly must have a detrimental effect on the hearing of their customers.

Heavily promoted

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori Walking past you are nearly knocked over by the noise. 🙂

 Trams fares are only 170 Yen

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori A great way to get around the city, comfortable & cheap.

I think upstairs is some sort of shrine

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori I couldn’t quite work out if this was a shrine or a temple.

Part of the ritual

Kumamoto trams sake yakitori The people visiting here would step through this circle a number of times before continuing upstairs.

Toyoko Hotel

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle

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