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Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle

November 19, 2016 by David Herd

Kumamoto Tram

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle, I was travelling on the Shinkansen from Hiroshima to Kagoshima & decided to spend 24 hours in Kumamoto to see the earthquake damage to the beautiful castle. I am very glad I stopped, firstly the damage was more than I expected, secondly Kumamoto turned out to be yet another very interesting Japanese city. The colourful efficient trams were a great way to move around the city.

Comfortable, cheap & efficient

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle My hotel the Toyoko Inn was in a terrific location but I couldn’t check in until 3 pm so I took a tram to the castle and walked around the perimeter. 

First glimpse of the castle

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle My first reaction was there didn’t seem to be much damage, however I was totally wrong.

Not too much damage on this side

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle However the further around I went the worse the damage was.

The extent of the damage is starting to show

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle Naturally the castle is closed due to the damage and lots of work is being carried out.

Crumbling walls

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle Very few structures have survived the centuries since the castle’s construction in 1607. The original castle keep burnt down in 1877 just before the siege in in the Seinan Civil War.

Three years to repair wall

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle The city hopes to repair the main keep within three years, while the rest of the grounds are expected to require about 20 years to be fully repaired.

What a mess

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle Naturally as you would expect the castle grounds are closed to the public indefinitely until further notice. Knowing the nature of Japanese workmen they will ensure the repaired buildings and grounds will be close to perfect for the public to once again enjoy this great Japanese castle.

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle Thanks for visiting my Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle photo blog.

Toyoko Hotel

Earthquake damages Kumamoto Castle My budget hotel was in an excellent location, good rooms with free WiFi, for a great rate just book using THIS LINK.

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