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Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa

November 27, 2016 by David Herd

Beautiful Japanese garden

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa, an eastern coastal city, Kenrokuen is rated number one out of 167 things to do in Kanazawa by TripAdvisor. It certainly is a tranquil peaceful place to wile away a few hours.

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa The garden has an area of 11.4 hectares & is located on a hill in central Kanazawa next to Kanazawa Castle.

 Absolutely beautiful

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa My hotel was great value in a perfect location only 14 minutes walk from the gardens, book through THIS LINK for an excellent discount.

Close to everything

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa

Toyoko Inn is an excellent place to stay.

Artificial lake

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa Close to the Kenrokuen Garden Kanazawa Japan is the Kanazawa castle which is certainly worth a visit.

Prince Yamoto Takeru

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa 

His historical existence is a mystery but there are books that date his life to the 4th century.

Kenrokuen Garden lantern

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa There is a surprise around every corner of Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa.

 Which way shall I go?

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa

Decisions, decisions, there is so much to see at Kenrokuen Garden Kanazawa Japan. Perhaps I’ll just take a selfie. 🙂

Make sure you have lots of time

Kenrokuen Garden Kanazawa Japan The gardens are quite huge so make sure you allocate at least 2 or 3 hours to enjoy it fully.

I was so fortunate to have perfect weather

Kenrokuen Garden Kanazawa Japan Photos look so much better when there is a beautiful blue sky. There seems to be a lot of rain between November & February.

Let’s check the maps

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa It seems like these ladies are planning carefully planning their schedule. 🙂

 Just behind those ladies

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa

Is this rather large stone statue.

Stone bridge

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa One of the stone bridges at Kenrokuen Garden Kanazawa Japan.

Carp I presume

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa There were quite a lot swimming in the lake.

Rated one of the three best gardens in Japan

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa It’s easy to see why this garden is so highly rated in Japan.

Toyoko Inn

Famous Japanese Garden Kanazawa 

My hotel was great value in a perfect location, book through THIS LINK for an excellent discount. Make sure you are in the downtown one at Korinbo, it’s more convenient than the one near the station.

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