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Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle

November 30, 2016 by David Herd

Gyokusen’inmaru Garden

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle is absolutely stunning as you can see from the header in this post. This is one of my favourite photos from my two week seven city Shinkansen trip in October 2016.

Constructed in 1634 if flourished for between 200 & 300 years before being abandoned. However a full reconstruction began in 2013 to produce the wonderful result we see today.

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle After a five minute uphill walk you arrive at the castle entrance.

Adjacent to the castle

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle These are a few shops just before you reach the castle.

Kanazawa Castle

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle A huge fire in 1759 destroyed the whole castle then it was re-built in 1788. That year is also when 11 ships with 1,530 people onboard, 736 of them convicts, arrived in Botany Bay a few miles south of Sydney Harbour in Australia. This event is known to all us Aussies as “the first fleet”.

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The Imori moat

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle

If you are going to build a castle then you gotta have a moat.


Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle Once again I was very lucky to have the beautiful blue sky to highlight my photos of Kanazawa Castle.

 The buildings look new

 Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle Even though it was rebuilt 228 years ago it still looks brand new. 🙂

As usual built on a hill

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle The castles always take the high ground, all the better to resist their enemies.

Through the gate we go

 Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle The Ni-no Mon is what they call the second gate. 

Picture perfect

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle As you can see the buildings and grounds are in perfect condition. 

Not a cloud in the sky

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle A perfect day for wandering around Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle and the beautiful Kenrokuen garden right next door to the castle.

I was so fortunate to have perfect weather

Kenrokuen Garden Kanazawa Japan

Photos look so much better when there is a beautiful blue sky. There seems to be a lot of rain between November & February.

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle

Japanese Garden Kanazawa Castle A final look at this beautiful garden within the castle walls.

Toyoko Inn

Omicho Fresh Food Market Kanazawa 

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