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Kenchoji Temple built 1253 Japan

October 20, 2015 by David Herd

Sanmon, the main gate

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 Kenchoji Temple built 1253 Japan is the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan. It is considerably smaller than during its heyday, Kenchoji still consists of a large number of temple buildings and subtemples, and stretches from the entrance gate at the bottom of the valley far into the forested hills behind.

Temple bell, a national treasure

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 This bell has been designated a national treasure and dates back to the founding of the temple.

Jizo Bodhisattva in the Buddha Hall

Buddha Hall The main image in the Buddha Hall of Kencho-ji is Jizo Bodhisattva (quite unusual for a Zen temple), and within the hall are several other famous Jizo images. Because of its violent history, the area has many images of Jizo 地藏, the bodhisattva whose mission it is to save those who are lost or in danger, or who have fallen into the the realms of hell.

The Kara-mon (Chinese-style gate) of Kencho-ji

Temple gate This Kara-mon (Chinese-style gate) was recently restored as it was when built in the 17th century to re-establish the ancient glory of this old temple.

Lotus at the Kara-mon

 photo IMG_9800.jpg One of my favourite photos from this fascinating temple.

Hatto (Dharma Hall)

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 This building is behind the temple.

Hatto (Dharma Hall)

 photo IMG_9779.jpg Hatto (Dharma Hall) at Kencho-ji Temple. Belongs to the Rinzai (Zen) Buddhism sect, the hall was built in 1814 and it is the largest Buddhist wooden structure in Eastern Japan.

Dharma Hall

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 The starving Buddha at Dharma Hall. It was rather amazing taking photos here without a flash, yet the shots came out much brighter than what we were seeing with our own eyes.

Kenchoji Temple built 1253

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 The ceiling was quite amazing.

Hatto (Dharma Hall), Kencho-ji Temple

 photo IMG_9790.jpg

I’m guessing the bottle of water was left to help out the starving Buddha.

Here is a 750 year old Juniper tree.

Juniper tree This magnificent tree is also considered a national treasure.

Kannon (Avalokitesvara) at Kencho-ji Temple

Kenchoji Temple built 1253

Everywhere you turn there is a photo opportunity.

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 Japan

Kenchoji Temple built 1253 Beautiful grounds and flowers all around the temple.

The temple backs onto the forrest

David Herd Thailand Kenchoji Temple built 1253 was an absolute delight to visit.

My friends at Kencho-ji

Hamish and Kayo Kencho-ji Hamish and Kayo really enjoyed as did I, this wonderful temple and it’s beautiful gardens.

Thanks for visiting my Kenchoji Temple built 1253 Japan photo blog.

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