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Kagoshima restaurant village

November 6, 2016 by David Herd

Kagomma Furusato Yataimura

Kagoshima restaurant village Kagoshima restaurant village near the railway station is called Kagomma Furusato Yataimura. There are about 25 small restaurants that seat only 8 or 10 people.

 Kagoshima restaurant village

Kagoshima restaurant village Many of the places are so tiny it’s hard to get a seat. 🙂

Some have seats outside as well

Kagoshima restaurant village Big & small, it doesn’t matter, the atmosphere is fantastic.

 Big crowd for a Sunday

Kagoshima restaurant village I’m guessing this place is crowded every night.

Yakitori washed down with hot sake.

Kagoshima restaurant village One of my favourite Japanese dishes.

Such a busy place

Kagoshima restaurant village The action never stops here. There really isn’t any English spoken however you can get by just pointing at the menu. 🙂

This nice guy spoke a little English

Kagoshima restaurant village Not only that he was in Thailand on holiday the previous week. He took great delight in telling me how much he enjoyed Soi 4 & Nana Plaza. 🙂 

Lots of narrow little alleys

 photo Kagomma20Furusato20Yataimura2064.jpg 

This village reminded me so much of “Piss Alley” in Shinjuku in Tokyo.

Wonderful smiling faces

Kagoshima restaurant village Some things in Japan you can be sure of, happy smiling faces, they love to be in a photograph, & people are just so nice & polite.

Hot sake coming up sir. 🙂

Kagoshima restaurant village

I realised after my first two glasses of sake the waitress was adding about 30% hot water, I thought they were tasting a little weak. Perhaps she did me a favour. 🙂

Great location & excellent hotel

Kagoshima City Aquarium Kinko Bay

My hotel was only 10 minutes walk to lots of restaurants & the ferry terminal, a great location and a great room rate if you book through THIS LINK.

A very busy village

Kagoshima restaurant village I didn’t see any other foreigners here, I was the only one.

Kagoshima restaurant village

Kagoshima restaurant village

The village is quite close to the railway station which is adjacent to the Ferris wheel.

Keeping the rain out

 photo Kagomma20Furusato20Yataimura2024.jpg Rain is absolutely no problem here.

Happy customers

Kagoshima restaurant village You gotta love the Japanese people, as soon as they see a camera they want to be in the photo. 🙂

Here is a map of the village

 photo areamap_kagomma_yataimura.jpg  

That’s all folks

Kagoshima restaurant village

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