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Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

October 22, 2016 by David Herd

Unagi no Sueyoshi

 photo Unagi 8.jpg Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan, I have enjoyed eating in the local restaurants so much I had to do a photo blog focusing just on the food. Unagi is rated number 6 out of 2,921 in Kagoshima by TripAdvisor.

They specialize in eel

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan I must say the food was fantastic, best eel I have ever tasted, washed down with a bottle of Kirin beer and some hot sake.

Miami Ave

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan Right next door to my hotel is this terrific restaurant. The best Ramen I have ever eaten.

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan           photo Miami Ave good restaurant 6.jpg         Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

Put this on you list, food & service is terrific.

 McDonalds was terrific

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan I can’t believe how good the Coffee, cheese cake & Big Mac was at McDonalds. Then again I am in Japan where most food is terrific. 🙂

Great location & excellent hotel

Kagoshima City Aquarium Kinko Bay

My hotel is only 10 minutes walk to all these restaurants, a great location and a great room rate if you book through THIS LINK.

Mekkemon, Dolphin Port

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan Rated number 5 by TripAdvisor from 2921 restaurants in Kagoshima, this really was the best sushi train restaurant I have ever been to.

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan          Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan          Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

The food & service was excellent, a typical noisey, happy, busy Japanese restaurant.

The 3 Samuri at Mekkemon

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan I like this photo, it seems to capture the happiness, energy & enthusiasm of the chefs.

 Dotour coffee

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

A very well known chain of coffee shops throughout Japan specialising in coffee roasting and coffee shop franchising.

Happy faces at Kagomma Furusato Yataimura

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan This is a whole different story & deserves it’s own blog. There are 25 lively and unique stalls and each has room for only 8 or nine customers, in fact it’s Kagoshima’s answer to Tokyo’s Piss Alley. 🙂 

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan          Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan          Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

Here is my photo blog on Kagomma Furusato Yataimura.


Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

As you can see there are about 25 little stalls.

Dolphin Port

 photo Dolphin Port 1a.jpg There are lots of restaurants here Mekkemon.

Yamakataya Kagoshima

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan This is southern Japan’s largest department store. Founded in 1751, however apparently most of the current store was been built between 1917 ~ 1950. Hundreds of shops & restaurants here.

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan

Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan Thank you for visiting my Fabulous food Kagoshima Japan photo blog. Just a reminder my hotel was in a great location, you will get a discounted room rate if you book through THIS LINK.

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