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Hiroshima city food transport

November 22, 2016 by David Herd

Ōta River Hiroshima

Hiroshima city food transport Hiroshima city food transport, as you would expect the top four or five things to see in Hiroshima revolve around the shocking event on August 6th 1945. Sadly 140,000 people lost their lives when U.S. airmen unleashed the first atomic bomb on the unsuspecting Hiroshima civilians.

Three days later of course the repeated the horror at the beautiful city of Nagasaki.

Hiroshima Peace Clock Tower

Hiroshima city food transport

One of many symbolic monuments within the Memorial Peace Park the clock tower marks the exact time of the explosion, 8.15 am. 

The castle

Hiroshima city food transport Reconstructed in 1958 after being totally destroyed by the bomb, a must to see when visiting this very nice city. Check out my photo blog through THIS LINK.

 Hiroshima streetcars

Hiroshima city food transport Streetcars or trams are a great way to get around the city, however I prefer the bus. If you hold a JAL rail pass the bus is free, this paticular one called the loop bus leaves from in front of the Hotel Granvia beside Hiroshima station. There are two different routes which take you past all the Hiroshima attractions, you simply hop on & off as many times as you wish. For a super room rate with free WiFi just book through THIS LINK.

Covered shopping arcades

Hiroshima city food transport They are a common feature in most Japanese cities, rain hail or shine you can move around & shop in comfort.

Japanese Craft Beer Café

Hiroshima city food transport Close to the railway station & my hotel is Raku Beer a Japanese Craft Beer Café, an interesting selection of excellent beer.  

Pour me another please.

Hiroshima city food transport 

There is a happy hour daily from 5pm to 7pm.

 Another great meal

Hiroshima city food transport Many restaurants in Japan are noisy, busy and a lot oif fun & atmosphere. This one was all those things along with terrific food.

Barbequed chicken

Hiroshima city food transport To my surprise they also sold Jack Daniels & Soda in large mugs.

Jack & soda with Crispy burdock root

Hiroshima city food transport Now there’s a new combination.

Crispy burdock root

Hiroshima city food transport

 Crispy burdock root, a Eurasian species of plants in the sunflower family, cultivated in gardens for its root used as a vegetable. Not only had I never tried it, I had never heard of it before, apparently the nutritional benefits are quite high.

 My new friend

Hiroshima city food transport Made sure I always had a JD & lots of food. 🙂


Hiroshima city food transport

I tried to look up the meaning of Daikichi & got several different explanations. 🙂

Hiroshima city food transport          Hiroshima city food transport          Hiroshima city food transport

One of my best dining experiences so far on my seven Japanese cities adventure.

So many interesting bars & restaurants in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima city food transport In fact it’s a case of so many bars & such little time. 🙂

Hiroshima city food transport

 photo Hiroshima 70.jpg Wandering through the back streets is a marvellous experience in Japan, I don’t know of any safer country except perhaps Singapore.

Hiroshima at night

 photo Hiroshima 69.jpg

In all Japanese cites there is always lots of neon lights.

A happy group of tourists

 photo Hiroshima 57.jpg Japan is a place where you can’t help being happy.

Even this old fellow looks happy

 photo Hiroshima2055.jpg He seems to have a large collection of colourful dolls.

A typical corner bar restaurant near my hotel

 photo Hiroshima 86.jpg You don’t have to walk far in Hiroshima to get a cold beer or some food.

Opposite my hotel

 photo IMG_5492.jpg The bridge take you to an elevator down to the underground arcade to the station.

Toyoko Inn

 photo Map.jpg My hotel is in a perfect location close to the station and a short walk to the major Hiroshima shopping area.

 Underground plaza

 photo Hiroshima station.jpg From the railway station you walk through this underground arcade which brings youout about 80 meters from my hotel.

Good band playing in the plaza.

As well as entertainment there are coffee shops etc here.

Toyoko Inn

 photo Toyoko20Hiroshima.jpg

Location is perfect & very good room with free WiFi. For an excellent rate just book through THIS LINK.

Thanks for visiting my Hiroshima city food transport photo blog, please check out my Nagasaki city blog on THIS LINK.

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