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Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

November 9, 2016 by David Herd

Lets focus on the view

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

 Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan is 234 meters tall which makes it the tallest seaside tower in Japan.  Fukuoka Tower was finished in 1989, taking a total of 14 months to build at a cost of ¥6,000,000,000, or $58,004,600 USD.

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk hotel

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

Oceanfront luxury hotel near the heart of Fukuoka overlooking Hakata Bay. For a very good discounted room rate simply book through THIS LINK, book now & pay later.

By Taxi: From Fukuoka Airport, take the Fukuoka City Expressway, getting off at the Momochi Exit. Approximately 20-minute drive from the airport.

By Bus: From Fukuoka Airport, get on the bus to Fukuoka Tower & TNC Hall (139) at Fukuoka-Kuko Kokunaisen bus stop and get off at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk-mae bus stop. The hotel is a one minute walk from the bus stop. Approximately 40-minute ride from the airport.

By Subway: From Fukuoka Airport, take the Fukuoka City Subway, getting off at Tojin-machi Station. The hotel is a 19-minute walk from the station. Approximately 15-minute subway ride from the airport.

Beautiful sandy beach

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

You win’t see a cleaner beach anywhere. 🙂

Mountains beyond the city

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

There are busses from the centre of the city to Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan.

The sea was calm that day my friends.

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

OK, so perhaps I’m borrowing a phrase from Seinfeld, however I was tremendously impressed by the beautiful view from Fukuoka Tower.

City view from the tower

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

As you can see Fukuoka is a modern city surrounded by mountains.

Waterfront hotel & shops

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

Certainly one of my favourite photos from the tower. 

A closer view

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

 The advantage of a zoom lens.

OK, lets see the tower

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan  

It’s 234 meters tall with a glass elevator that takes you to the top.

The view of the other side

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

It certainly is a magnificent looking building. Fukuoka Tower is the third tallest building in Japan, after Skytree and Tokyo Tower.

A nice sandy beach

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

Have a cocktail by the beach or hire a jet ski.

I’m guessing they are about to take 20 or 30 selfies.

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

It seems everywhere I travel most females are snapping selfies. 🙂

 Popular with couples

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

I am told thousands of couples come here to be photographed.

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

TripAdvisor rate the tower 7 out of 282 things to do in Fukuoka.

Entrance to the elevators.

Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan

Thanks for visiting my Fukuoka Tower Kyushu Japan photo blog. Please put it on your bucket list for things to do in Fukuoka.

Hotel Ascent 

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Hotel Ascent is in a perfect location for exploring the city, & it is adjacent to Tenjin station. For a very good discount just book through THIS LINK.


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Fukuoka is very easy to get around on the metro, my hotel was next to Tenjin station in a great loction. For a room at an excellent rate just use THIS LINK to book.

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Pattaya Hilton

Pattaya hotels, Hilton & Holiday Inn

This is the view from Horizons the amazing rooftop bar. A great five star hotel located opposte the beach & above the Central Festival shopping mall. Just book through THIS LINK for an excellent room rate. 

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