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Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island

November 14, 2016 by David Herd

Tocho-ji temple in Hakata

Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island, Tocho-ji was built by Kukai a Buddhist monk in the year 806. I have often said one of the great attractions of visiting Japan is the blend of old & new. 

Street entrance

Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island Here we are in the middle of a modern city exploring a temple which is 1210 years old and in beautiful condition.

Quite a stunning pagoda

Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island It’s always difficult being an amateur & an atheist like myself when writing about religious buildings, shrines, temples & churches. One has to rely heavily on information from the internet.

The old & the new highlighted here

Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island In the foreground the ancient rock statues with modern Fukuoka buildings in the back ground.

Stone statue

 photo Tch-ji Temple 12.jpg

Please accept my apologies for not knowing what these statues actually mean. 

Big Buddha

 photo tochoji20Big20Buddha.jpg  

The largest wooden statue of Buddha (sitting on a pedestal) in Japan is actually here at the Tochoji Temple in Fukuoka.

Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island

 photo Tch-ji Temple 7.jpg Another ancient building at Tochoji Temple.

A reminder of the past

 photo Tch-ji Temple 2.jpg A reminder of the past in the middle of a modern city.

Kushida Shrine

 photo Kushida20Shrine201.jpg This is the entrance to Kushida Shrine, the shrine was founded in 757, an incredible 1259 years ago.

Let’s take a closer look

 photo Kushida Shrine 2.jpg

 A closer look at the entrance to this wonderful ancient Japanese Shrine.

 Inside Kushida Shrine

 photo Kushida20Shrine203.jpg There are a number of ancient artefacts housed in the shrine including anchor stones retrieved from the harbour that belonged to the Mongolian invasion fleets.  Some 15,000 Mongols under the command of Kubla Khan landed on Tsushima Island on October 5, 1274. Mongol forces subsequently landed in Hakata Bay on November 19, a short distance from Dazaifu, which in those days was the administrative capital of Kyūshū.

Wash hands at the entrance

 photo Kushida20Shrine205.jpg Tradition dictates you wash when entering the shrine.

Wonderful ancient buildings

 photo Kushida20Shrine2015.jpg Take note of the small yellow wall on the left, Hakata was destroyed by war about 400 years ago & this wall was built from the debris.

1000 year-old Gingko Tree

 photo Kushida20Ginkgo20tree201.jpg

People are told to improve relations between husband & wife they should both pray at the ancient tree.

Shimekake-inari Shrine

 photo Kushida20Shrine2011.jpg  Located right behind Kushida Shrine the tori gate is the landmark of this shrine.

Kazariyama Float

 photo Kushida Shrine 18.jpg

Every July for the last 770 years the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival is held on the 15th starting at 4.59 am. Many floats participate & as you see above one is enshrined at the Kushida Shrine.

Beautiful traditional dress

 photo Kushida20Shrine2019.jpg Maybe I’m a little biased as red & white are the colours of my Australian football team. 🙂

It has been a total pleasure creating my Temples Shrines Fukuoka Kyushu Island photo blog, I have learnt so much about the history of Fukuoka. I hope you enjoy my story about this wonderful city. Naturally there is so much more, check out my other posts including Ohori Park, the Fukuoka Tower, the wonderful Yatai or “pop up” restaurants as I call them & finally the Fukuoka city photo blog.

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