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Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants

November 7, 2016 by David Herd

Pop up restaurants

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants are really tiny “pop up” sidewalk restaurants that disappear by the morning.  There are around 150 Yatai all across the city, however most are in and around Tenjin and Nakasu. 

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants Due to these Yatai Fukuoka was recently rated as one of the ten greatest street food cities in Asia by CNN Travel.

The come in all shapes & sizes

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants Yatai began as simple, portable eateries that appeared one after another in the devastated cities throughout Japan at the end of World War II.

There is more Yatai along the river

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants They are a great inexpensive way to eat very good Japanese food plus of course you are going to meet new friends as the whole atmosphere encourages conversation.

There is around 150 Yatai throughout the city.

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants  There are around 150 yatai scattered across Fukuoka, the best place to find them is on the southern end of Nakasu Island. Located in the middle of the city, Nakasu Island has a long row of around 20 yatai that are situated along the water.

Piss Alley Tokyo

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants A very famous Tokyo lane where the eating houses are similar to Yatai in Fukuoka, these are 2 American girls we met while having dinner. Here is my Piss Alley photo blog, just follow THIS LINK.

There are some very strange dishes available on Piss Alley.

  • Frog sashimi
  • Pig testicles
  • Soft-shelled turtle
  • Still-beating frog’s heart
  • Grilled salamander
  • Snake liquor

I was not taking any risks so I stuck to the Yakitori.

Kagomma Furusato Yataimura.

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants Here is another similar place to eat down south of Kyishu island in Kagoshima, for my photo blog please follow THIS LINK.

Back to Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants No other country I have visited offers such a variety of restaurants thsn Japan. For example take a look at some of the great food in Osaka.

My favourite food from Yatai etc

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants Yakitori wins for me, it is a Japanese type of skewered chicken generally barbecued.

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Another great looking Yatai

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants So many different designs.

Here is the final one

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants I could easily show you 100 different designs, I hope you had enjoyed this sample.

Hotel Ascent 

Fukuoka Kyushu Island Japan

Hotel Ascent is in a perfect location for exploring the city, & it is adjacent to Tenjin station. For a very good discount just book through THIS LINK.

That’s all for now folks.

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants Thanks for visiting my Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants photo blog.

Huge sinkhole Hakata station

Yatai Fukuoka sidewalk restaurants

Two weeks after I arrived at Hakata on the bullet train from Nagasaki this giant sinkhole appeared. Read the full story here.

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