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Boomtown Bundall Gold Coast Australia

August 15, 2016 by David Herd

Upton Street Bundall

Bundall Gold Coast Australia Boomtown Bundall Gold Coast Australia was where I lived for 21 years until October 2011. The north end of Upton Street was residential with some luxurious waterfront homes including mine, while the southern end is full of shops, offices & factories.

Boomtown Bundall Gold Coast Australia

Bundall Gold Coast Australia 90% of anything and everything I needed to purchase over the years I could find in Upton St.

The Corporate Centre

Bundall Gold Coast Australia

Around the corner in Bundall Road is the iconic Corporate Centre.

Bundall Road near Crombie Avenue

Bundall Gold Coast Australia A couple of the Bundall Road prestige office buildings.

McLauchlan & Partners

Bundall Gold Coast Australia

A financial planning company at 80-82 Upton St, Bundall, I knew Alex many years ago in the late 8os when his office was in Southport. I remember him as a keen golfer who enjoyed a beer.

The Good Guys

Bundall Gold Coast Australiag Another huge Queensland discount electrical store.

Adult toy shop

Bundall Gold Coast Australia Here is where you can buy all those adult toys & accessories to put some buzz back into your sex life.

Right across the road

Bundall Gold Coast Australia

For those lonely guys here is Silks one of the local brothels, as I said earlier Upton Street Bundall has everything you could possibly need. 🙂

For all you need to know about the local hookers just follow THIS LINK.

Here’s a map

Bundall Gold Coast Australia

So you guys won’t get lost. 🙂

OK, back to reality

Bundall Gold Coast Australia This is one of about 3 major lighting stores on Upton Street Bundall.

The race track

Melbourne Cup Surfers Paradise

Upton St also butts onto the Southport race track which used to be the only track in Australia to host a meeting every Saturday.

Surfers Paradise view from the racetrack.

Masters Hardware

Bundall Gold Coast Australia This huge store is quite amazing, sadly however they are currently in the hands of receivers.

Here is an important tip for you

Bundall Gold Coast Australia

Dr Paul Ferguson is an excellent skin cancer doctor who has been treating me for many years. He is very busy so you need to book a fair way ahead.

The adjacent suburb is Isle of Capri, to find out more just follow THIS LINK.

106 Upton Street

Bundall Gold Coast Australia

This was my home for 21 fabulous years, I designed and had it built in 1990, added a 2nd story in 2004, which turned out to be a mistake as it made it much harder to sell. However sell it did in October 2011 and one week later I moved to Thailand.

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That’s all folks

David Herd Thailand

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Prague capital Czech Republic

May 17, 2015 by David Herd


David Herd Czech Republic Prague capital Czech Republic, in 1993 I travelled by train through unspoiled mountainous landscape from Berlin to this fascinating eastern European city.

Wenceslas Square

Prague capital Czech Republic Many historical events occurred there, and it is a traditional setting for demonstrations, celebrations, and other public gatherings. I borrowed this photo from Wikipedia, there was no blue sky when I was there. 🙂

It was very cold

David Herd Thailand

It was February or March and very cold, here I am outside Outside St. Vitus Cathedral.

 Vaclev at the Clock Tower of Loreta

Prague capital Czech Republic

At the Prague railway station I was approached by a well dressed elderly man asking if I had accommodation. He took me to his home where he and his wife rented a couple of rooms. It was a lucky break for me, the room was comfortable and cheap ($23 aud) with an excellent breakfast. Vaclev was a university professor and told me a lot about the history of Prague. On his day off he kindly gave me a tour of this wonderful city which was extremely kind of him.

Castle entrance

Prague capital Czech Republic

Castle guards

Prague capital Czech Republic

Vaclev’s home

Prague capital Czech Republic Here is where I stayed about 3 stations from the centre of Prague.

Cold night in Prague

Prague capital Czech Republic

Crossing the Charles Bridge

Prague capital Czech Republic

Lunch with Oliver

Prague capital Czech Republic Oliver is a good friend of Andre Buzek (the crazy dentist) who was also from Prague. We spent some time together drinking beer and discussing Andre’s crazy antics. 🙂

Here’s cheers Oliver, nice to meet you.

David Herd Thailand

Prague capital Czech Republic

David Herd Prague 1993 and McDonald’s had already arrived.

A lasting memory

 photo Prague Old Town Square.jpg

It was quite late one evening and I was the only one in the Old Town square. Suddenly I was hearing trumpets playing in the deserted snow covered square in the heart of Prague. It was a fantastic mystical moment I will never forget. I borrowed the above photo from Wikipedia.

In the fourteenth century the city built around the Prague Castle expanded to the right bank. The history of the square goes back even further: as early as in 1091 a market existed at the site of the Old Town Square.

I hope to visit again one day.

Prague capital Czech Republic

My apologies for the quality of the photos, they will certainly improve on my next visit.

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That’s all folks

Beckington Trowbridge

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Gold Coast party house 1994

May 11, 2015 by David Herd

The parties never stopped

Gold Coast party house Gold Coast party house 1994, looking back as I often do, I can’t believe the fun we had at my beautiful Gold Coast home all through the 90s and beyond.

The fabulous photo shows two beautiful Argentinian girls and my late great friend AndreBuzek who lost his life in a Cuban car accident in the late 90s.

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history, check it out if you wish, also note this post contains nudity, so if you are bothered by naked humans please leave now.

Gold Coast party house

Gold Coast party house

Suzie and Kandice are the two blondes but I can’t recall the name of the gorgeous Kiwi brunette.

 The lovely Kiwi and Suzie Q.

 photo DH is very happy.jpg

Mid 90s and the action never stopped.

Suzie Q and the Kiwi

Gold Coast party house

As you can imagine these two hated a good time. 🙂

View from behind

Dirty girls 2

Both sides look great to me. 🙂

A classic photo at Marina Mirage

Gold Coast party house

I’m with the Doc, John Hunjadi and Jim Bell.

Home sweet home

 photo Fleet_1.jpg This was just before I had my jetty built, which gave me another place to hold a party. 🙂


A boat, a bird and some Stollies.

Gold Coast party house

Boat drinks are the best drinks.

Tequila shooters

Tequila shooters Alan aka “Boy of Sand”, keeping up my supply of lemons. At the time he was “Boy of Sand” and I was “Man of Steel”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gold Coast party house

  Gold Coast party house Donna is the blonde on the left, Andre is squeezed between the sisters while Barry Kemp looks on.  


Here is my great friend Harley Bradstreet.  

Gold Coast party house  Harley loved being the centre of attention at the Gold Coast party house.

What time can I start having fun?  

David Herd fivestarvagabond  Yes I admit we were feeling no pain here.

Ray Brown, Tony Murphy and David Herd

Gold Coast party house Ray Brown was a rock and roll artist from the 60s, sadly he passed away in 2007 at the age of 51.  


Greenwood Hotel North Sydney

  Gold Coast party house I had a nice weekend in Sydney staying at Steve Carter’s (aka Hoggie) house in Cammeray.  

Naturally I took some company

Gold Coast party house Sonia was a meter maid on the Gold Coast, unfortunately after a few drinks she would lose the plot, so after 2 days I sent her back home.  

Cammeray sports bar

  Gold Coast party house Sonia, Rob Leslie, Steve Carter aka Hoggie at the local bar.

Sonia strikes a pose

sexy-Sonia-meter maid

Sonia certainly was not shy, crazy yes, but not shy.

Yum Cha in Chinatown in Sydney

Gold Coast party house

Check out the old mobile phone, what a brick. 🙂

Back at the Gold Coast party house and another crazy Sonia.

Gold Coast party house What is it with dark skin girls named Sonia, are they all crazy? 🙂 I was having dinner at a restaurant in a Gold Coast apartment building, after a few drinks Sonya stripped down to her underwear, walked through the restaurant and dived in the pool. It certainly stopped traffic and caused a ripple of whispered conversation throughout the restaurant. 🙂

Out of focus Sonia

Sonia out of focus

Out of focus is fine with me.

In focus Sonia

Suzie, Sonia & a very happy David The question must be asked “what time can I start having fun?”

Old friends

Gold Coast party house  Lisa from Melbourne and Dennis “the hyena” Freeman.  My thanks to John Sinclair for the perfect nickname.

 Helen Burke and Martin from Melbourne.

  Gold Coast party house Helen and I were an item way back in 1982, we had a lot of fun together. We caught up again last year in October 2014 at her winery in Dromana in Victoria.  

Flashback to 1982

Gold Coast party house Here we are in Hawaii in 1982 on the way home from America. Helen’s other boyfriend was a high roller from Melbourne, an Austrian called Willie. In the 2 months we were away we constantly played backgammon for money. When Helen lost she would settle the bet by paying for hotels and restaurants using Willie’s credit card.This was her revenge for Willie playing around with lots of other girls, I never found out what Willie’s revenge was. 🙂

Meet my new girlfriend Carolyn

Gold Coast party house Towards the end of 1994 Carolyn Clarke and I started going out together. She was and still is a terrific girl, we had a lot of fun in the following 12 months.

Carolyn and her gilfriends

  Gold Coast party house That’s tricky Vicky on the left and Amanda Hassel on the right. My caption for this shot has always been “guess which girl has a boyfriend”. 🙂  

Coffs Harbour with Murphy.

Gold Coast party house Tony was the local weather man on channel 10, I remember an unkind viewer writing to the station and calling Tony a “prancing Pillock”, for those who are not sure what that means, check it out here. Tony was originally a Sydney disc jockey in the 60s, even after all these years he still has a great radio voice.

New Years Eve at Coffs Harbour

Gold Coast party house

Great memories from the 90s.

 Thanks for visiting my 90s nostalgia kick at my Gold Coast party house.

  Gold Coast party house I finish the way I started with a stunning shot of this beautiful Argentinian Princess. Have a listen to my song that tells you how I felt in 1994, exactly how I feel today.


RIP Andre Buzek and Ray Brown.

That’s all folks

Gold Coast party house

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Flying high fifty years of age

November 17, 2014 by David Herd

Birthday drinks at Broadbeach tavern

Flying highFlying high fifty years of age living in Surfers Paradise, working for Metway bank & living life to the max. A great trip to Berlin & Prague with a stopover in Bangkok on the way home. Helen & Helenka are in the photo, can’t remember the name of the girl on the left.

This is not a travel blog, it is part of my personal photo history which I am posting online for the benefit of friends & family. I’m also getting a great buzz re-visiting some of my fantastic years. Some of the photos contain nudity & certain comments may offend the narrow minded, so if you are in this category it’s probably best to close the page & move on.

flying high

My great old friend Harley Bradstreet

Flying high

Harley and I have been friends since about 1968.

Female bouncer at Cocos.

Female bouncer Flying highThis well built is the only female bouncer I have seen working in a nightclub. As you can see she took no nonsense from Harley. Then again Harley could talk underwater with a mouth-full of marbles so she may have just been trying to shut him up. 🙂

Stacy at Rio’s in Orchard Avenue

Flying high

Georgie, Sonya & Dave Hamilton.

Flying highDave was the owner of the club, a wild Scotsman who was always getting himself into trouble, mainly street fighting. Sonya was a Kiwi who was as mad as a snake. Georgie was a gorgeous blonde singer from Perth.

Steve Jones (RIP) & Dave Barnes (RIP)

Flying high

Sadly both these lads have passed away, Dave in early 2016 and Steve about 10 years prior to this.

Beautiful Kelly Davis

Flying high

For a few months in 1993 I was lucky enough to be taking out this gorgeous lady. This is proof that I was flying high in 1993.

Kelly Davis

Flying high Kelly DavisSay no more.

Japanese for dinner

Flying high

Great dinner opposite the casino at Broadbeach with Kelly Davis, Sandy Ansell & Helen Burke. Kelly & I went home by boat, I dropped anchor in a quiet part of the river & enjoyed one of the most memorable hours I have had with any woman in my life. 🙂

Happy friends at Marina Mirage

flying high Marina MirageOn the left is an American guy called Henry Geller, 2nd from the right is Tony Sweurs a guy I knew in Sydney who is now living in Belo Horizonte in Brazil.

Jill McCrossan with Tony Sweurs & Lorana from Brazil

Flying high

What time can we start having fun?

Andre Buzek on Chevron Island

Andre Buzek

Andre was one of my best friends and a total party animal. He told everyone, especially the cute girls he was French when in fact he was from Prague in Czechoslovakia, sounded more sophisticated I guess. 🙂 Sadly within a years of this photo being taken he lost his life in a car accident in Cuba.

Andrea from Rio de Janeiro & Andre Buzek

Flying highOne two occasions when Andre traveled to Rio de Janeiro he bought back to Australia an exotic Brazilian girl for a holiday. Andrea was fairly calm compared to the one he bought out the following year who was younger and wilder.

Andrea from Rio.

Brazilian babeHere is a funny story, I had a day scheduled to visit Metway bank branches in Lismore & Ballina so I generously took Andrea with me to see some of the Australian country. We stopped for lunch in Byron Bay and were hitting it off famously. Knowing the reputation of many Brazilian girls I made sure we arrived back at my home a couple of hours before Andre finished work. Well it took no more than 10 minutes for this gorgeous tall Brazilian to shed her clothes & drag me into the bedroom. By the time Andre arrived to take her home we were composed and innocently awaiting his arrival. 🙂

Coral Knowles, Andre Buzek & Helen Burke.

Andre Buzek Flying highOne of my favorite photos, Andre’s eyes always lit up around attractive females. Also around some that were not so attractive, it never mattered to Andre as long as they were female & breathing. 🙂

Eddy Bonaventure , Jill Mc Crossan & Andre Buzek

The Loft Chevron Island

WOW! Did we have some fun in those days? Yes we did, you better believe it. 🙂

Flying high with the Melbourne girls

Flying high

The parties & barbecues seemed to never stop all through the fabulous 1990s.

 Another Sunday lunch at home

Flying high

A typical lunch at Upton St.

Two beautiful Koreans

Korean babes

I feel like a rose between 2 thorns. 🙂

The big guy is Graham LaRoche aka Biff.

Sydey new years eveHarley & Biff are with another one of the lovely Korean girls who enjoyed out parties. There is a terrific story about these two guys on my 1982 post called New Year’s Eve 1981, the Great Escape.

Another Sunday lunch at my home.

Flying highYou will notice how Harley always like to dress up in his army fatigues.

Winnie Andre & Harley.

Flying highWinnie was from South Africa, she loved a party. Andre of course was always in the thick of the action. Harley in this photo looks a lot like Col Gaddafi.

Eugine Korin has company at Kooralbyn

Koralbyn resortKooralbyn was a great gold course which sadly has shut down in the last few years.

Two Tonys Murphy & Bonner

Tony Murphy

This was Coffs Harbour where Murphy was working & Bonner was in a motorbike rally.

Family Xmas at my home on the Gold Coast

Herd family XmasOf course this was Xmas 1993, many of my nephews & nieces now have children of there own. Here is a Xmas gathering in 2006.

Family dinner NYE 1993 at Marinas Cove

Herd family

It was so good catching up with all the family.

Catherine Bonetti NYE 1993

David Herd ThailandSo many women and so little time.

Roberta Aitchison still runs the meter maids

Meter maids Gold Coast

Roberta was originally a meter maid herself, she still runs the company today in 2014.

Crazy Sonya

Crazy Sonya flying high

Sonya was a Kiwi with very few inhibitions, check out the photo below if you want to see her in her birthday suit. However please remember my warning at the start of this post, in case you have forgotten……

Flying high

Sonia in all her glory

Sonya in chains

Andre is also going nuts on the slideshow, check it out before they censor it. 🙂


I told you he was crazy

Andre loves bazookas

I will never forget you old mate.

Sexy Suzie is on the slide show as well.

Suzie hot sexy babe

She was as cheeky as they come. 🙂

Why wait, here she is. 🙂

Suzy baby

Just like little apples.

Sexy Jill Mcrossan

hot sexy babeJill was a lovely sexy lady who was always fun to be with. She now lives in Sydney and I  bumped into her at Manly about 3 years ago.

Patpong Road Bangkok

Patpong road

On my way home from Prague & Berlin I stopped in Bangkok to meet my dear mother who was on holidays there with a friend. Naturally I had to visit Patpong for some R & R.

At Coolum with Robert Allemby

Robert AllembyMay as well finish where I started, playing a round at Coolum with Robert Allemby, is that like 15 minutes of fame. 🙂

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Pattaya webcam


That’s all folks

Beckington Trowbridge

Jump forward 21 years and I’m still flying high, click here.

Before you go have a look at 1997 in Bali.

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Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

October 10, 2014 by David Herd

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990 was a great thrill for me, I also completely designed the layout & drove the builder crazy by checking the progress every day. The address is 106 Upton St Bundall, QLD Australia 4217.

This post also features many of the terrific people I crossed paths with in 1990. Apologies for the poor quality photos, it was very early day for digital cameras.

Dream home 1990 & a new boat

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990I was working for Metway Bank & took out a loan to build the house, the interest rate was 12.5%, can you believe it? I also still owned my previous home in Claymore Crescent Sorrento.

At Coolum with Ross Radford & John Sprouster.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990These two great guys were my bosses, John was GM at Macdougals Ltd at 58 Clarence St Sydney which was my first selling job in office equipment. Ross owned Sanyo Office Machines & sent me to Adelaide in 1972 then Melbourne in 1974.

Helen Burke at Coolum golf resort

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

This lovely lady really knew how to have fun.

Madison & my car fleet

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990My best friend Madison & my Mini Moke came with me in January 1987 when we moved from Newport Beach in Sydney to Surfers Paradise.

Bryan Dart, Greg Hughes & Wayne Jones

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

We often played golf as I was a member at Sanctuary Cove, Greg forever the village joker took my putter and had it shortened by 4 inches. Next time we played I couldn’t understand why they seemed to be laughing & giggling each time it was my turn to putt. Being a fairly average golfer I never noticed the difference.

Amanda Kathy & Christy

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Three beautiful Surfers Paradise princesses.

Boating to Sanctuary Cove

Sanctuary CoveTaking Kathy Amanda & Christy to a party in Sanctuary Cove at Peter Hesky’s waterfront villa.

 Dave Alan at Melbas

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

Dave is the son of Paul Alan the owner of Melbas nightclub & restaurant.

NYE at Melbas

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

New Years Eve 1990

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Narrelle one of the gorgeous girls working at Melbas and my old friend Harley Bradstreet.

Tony Fasio & Steve Jones, RIP.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Tony was the manager at Melbas & big Steve one of the bouncers, Steve sadly passed away far too young in the late 90s.

Surrounded my lovely ladies on New Years Eve.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Life is hard in Surfers Paradise but someone has to do it. 🙂

Happy group at my home for dinner

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Tony & Narrelle & the other names I can’t recall.

Derek Pugh & I in Sydney

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

Derek & I worked for MacDougalls in the late 60s.

Paul Slaughter with Clode & Ian Rich.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990

Xmas day in Sydney with my brothers.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Ian, Bryan & Warren, the only one missing as usual was Neale.

The Herd clan at Kihilla Rd Auburn for Xmas.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990Most of them now in 2014 have children of their own.

A rose between two thorns.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990 More like a thorn between two roses. 🙂

Tony Murphy & Graham Hughes

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990 Cold beers at my home in 36 Ckaymore Crescent Sorrento  just before moving into my new home.

The end of another exciting year.

Building dream home Gold Coast 1990 Thanks for visiting my Building dream home Gold Coast 1990 photo blog.

After building my dream home 1990 I lived happily there until October 2011 & then moved to Thailand.

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 That’s all folksThailand Europe Vietnam Japan

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Now have a look at the people I knew in 1991


This gallery contains 1 photo.

Surfers Paradise life 1991

June 15, 2014 by David Herd

This photos defines 1991

Surfers Paradise life 1991

Surfers Paradise life 1991 was as good as it gets, a new house, a nice car, a good job and a gorgeous girlfriend, a kiwi named Karen Greenwood. Karen was the main interest in my life for over a year. The relationship could safely be described as reasonably volatile. 🙂 It took me 2 or 3 more relationships over the next 4 or 5 years before I finally realised I was just not good at them. Consequently here I am happily alone 36 years later living in Thailand.

Above is one of my all time favourite photos, one of the many dinners parties at my new home at 106 Upton St Bundall, Surfers Paradise. My great buddy Harley Bradstreet used to love dressing up in his military gear, the other guy on the left was Harley’s gay flatmate. If Harley wore his Military gear he would do the same. The girls from the left were Leanne Sanderson, Mary Simpson, Kandice Aldington & Nicola Botica.

Kandice & Nicola wash the dishes.

Surfers Paradise life

These two lovely girls were always a great asset to any dinner party, an example of Surfers Paradise life 1991.

Another night another party with the usual suspects.

Surfers Paradise life

And the beat goes on, I think Kandice was feeling no pain on this particular evening. 🙂

Kandice was feeling no pain at all.

Surfers Paradise life

As I said before, another night another party with the usual suspects.

New fence at 106 Upton St

David Herd Thailand I moved into my new home July 1st 1990 but my huge fence was not built until early 1991.

Harly & Madison guarding the house

Surfers Paradise life

Before I had the fence I needed an armed guard to keep my screaming fans at bay. 🙂 OK, I am joking, it is only my old buddy Harley dressing up again.

Roger Williams surrounded by special forces.

Surfers Paradise life

On the right is my old friend Harley Bradstreet who loved dressing up in his military outfit, he had a gay flatmate the guy on the left. This particular night they came to my home for dinner & you could have knocked me over with a feather when the flatmate was also dressed in military fashion. 🙂

Old friend Ian Rich

Ian Rich Australia

Ian was from Newport in Sydney, we met around 1968.

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Claudia Scrupin & Tony Murphy

Surfers Paradise life

Another old friend is Tony Murphy who I  see regularly when he visits Thailand, plus I usually stay at his home on the Gold Coast when I am there every 18 months or so.

Robyn Aylwood & Tony Murphy at Palm Meadows.

Surfers Paradise lifeRobyn was a lovely lady who was the PR girl at Gold Coast international hotel, she moved to Melbourne Married & sadly passed away October 2010, RIP. Strangely enough her husband David Austin also passed away shortly after in July 2011.

A rose between two thorns

Surfers Paradise life 1991

I don’t think so, two lovely ladies Kim English & Sharon Lee at Mariners Cove.

Dianne Bryce & Larry Wilson.

Surfers Paradise life

Larry was a terrific humour, he is the on coin coined the phrase about our mutual friend Harley Bradstreet “ANYONE CAN HAVE A BAD DECADE”. I often told people “if you need a good solicitor on the Gold Coast avoid Larry.” (only joking) Dianne was a fun lady who I took out a few times in the previous year or two. Ah Surfers Paradise life 1991 was very good indeed.

Two more old friends

Surfers Paradise life I used to have regular drinks at the Avenue in Orchard Avenue with Len Jones & David Robertson. This was Surfers Paradise life 1991 and the Avenue is still there now in 2014.

Porsche, what Porsche? I can’t see a Porsche.

Surfers Paradise life

Two lovey ladies posing outside my home. Sharon Lee is on the right, I forget her girlfriend’s name.

Beautiful Karen Greenwood.

Karen Greenwood

I had such a good year with Karen however I have no allusions why she stuck around for so long. She was surviving on a pension raising a young child so money was very tight. The week before we met her car gave up the ghost which obviously curtailed her ability to get around. Along comes the white knight, aka David Herd who just happened to have a spare car which he generously provided as her much needed transport.  During our time together each time there was a major disagreement I would repossess the vehicle & poor Karen was grounded. Upon making up the car would be returned and things would be back to normal, so folks therein lies the major reason this super hot babe stuck around for so long.  🙂

Xmas day in Auckland

Auckland Xmas

We spent Xmas & New Year in Auckland with Karen’s parents, towards the end of the holiday we were desperate for some time away from each other.

In the Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands

A gorgeous lady who smoked like a burning brake drum. 🙂

Happy times in Port Douglas

Surfers Paradise life

A nice trip to Port Douglas & Airlie Beach, little did we know (well I didn’t) there was only a week or so left in our volatile relationship. 🙂

 Whitehaven Beach Whitsundays

Whitehaven Beach Whitsundays

Is that the definition of sexy or what?

Perhaps one of the sexiest girlfriends I ever had

hot sexy babe

I took this photo 5 minutes after making love to this sexy lady.

Alan Pearson in Airlie Beach

Surfers Paradise life

I have known Alan for nearly 20 years, we knocked around in the same group when I lived in Adelaide in the 70s.

wedding anniversary

Mum & Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Surfers Paradise life My wonderful Mum & Dad celebrated their 50th with close friends at my brother Bryan’s Home in Leppington south west of Sydney.

Roberta at the Gold Coast Indy.

Roberta at Gold Coast Indy

Roberta Aitchison in her sexy Meter Maid outfit at the Gold Coast Indy. Shortly after she took over the Meter Maid company and still runs it today. Another example of my Surfers Paradise life 1991′

Here is Harley laying it on thick, Surfers Paradise life 1991

Surfers Paradise life

Yes ladies, I am a well known chick magnet.

Susan Hutton & her niece

Surfers Paradise life

Susan was a friend from Brisbane who would come to the coast and spend the weekend with me.

Another great photo to finish which shows  Surfers Paradise life 1991

Surfers Paradise life

Surfers Paradise life 1991 as you can see was fantastic mainly due to some very interesting people.

Life was just one big party in the 90s, thanks for visiting my post.

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