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Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Up the lazy river

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok are one of the many interesting sights in this great city. Take the Sky Train to Saphan Taksin station or grab a taxi. The river ferries leave from just below the station.

Above is the free shuttle to Asiatique an excellent night market 10 minutes away. Lots of terrific restaurants, be careful if you want to take a taxi home from there, they will quote B400 for an B80 ride, the Bangkok taxi Mafia is in full operation here.

Sathorn Unique Tower

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok 

Planned as a high-rise condominium complex, construction of the building was halted during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when it was about 80 percent complete. It’s now the most prominent of Bangkok’s many derelict buildings, and has become a destination for urban explorers.

One of the many skyscrapers.

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok Bangkok is really going through a building boom, particularly along the mighty Chao Praya river.

One of the very tall buildings.

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok Check out my Bangkok building photo blog on THIS LINK.

Sunset on the river

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok There are many ferries large & small taking people on a cruise along the mighty Chao Phraya river, follow THIS LINK for another of my photo blogs.

The golden dome

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok Sirocco Sky Bar is the world’s highest open-air bar on the 64th floor of the State Tower located on Silom Road, Bang Rak business district, Bangkok, Thailand, the second tallest building in Thailand. 

Centre Point Hotel Silom

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok 

Centre Point Hotel Silom is the white building close to the State Tower, excellent 45 M2 rooms, for a discounted room rate just book through THIS LINK. 

All shapes & sizes

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok  So many interesting boats on the river.

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok

Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok

How would you ever find a life-jacket if there was a problem with the ferry?

Thanks for visiting my Boats Buildings Chao Phraya River Bangkok photo blog, follow THIS LINK for the Asiatique market.                               

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Pattaya live webcam
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That’s all folks

1g Duck

Follow THIS LINK for a photo album.

Author: David Herd

My history, particularly over the last 30 years is dominated by overseas travel. I sold my home in Australia October 20th 2011 and have have been living in Thailand since then. I don’t know where the time has gone? It seems like you go to sleep one night, wake up the next morning, and 20 years have flashed by. Not sure how many years I have left, however I have enjoyed a wonderful charmed life, and if it all ended today I would leave this world with no regrets.

I was born in Sydney halfway through the last century, started my travels in the 60s with the usual U.K. Europe adventure at the age of 20, back to Australia and worked in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide in Sales & Marketing with multinational companies including Sanyo, Canon & Remington.

Engaged to be married 3 times and never quite made it to the alter, finally realized by the mid 90s I was not cut out for “long term relationships” so I moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland in January 1987, worked for a couple of banks as a Financial Planner, I took a year off work in 1998 to travel and never went back to full time work again, after 25 fun filled years on the Coast I packed up and moved to Thailand.

What is the purpose of this blog? Well I really want to use it to record my travel experiences & to display my photographs, give and receive travel tips, comment on places I visit, restaurants I eat in and use it to replace the autobiography I intended to write, apart from all that it helps me fill in my day. :)

I moved to Thailand mainly because I wanted to keep travelling while my health allowed me to, there are huge advantages being closer to all the places I want to visit.

Cost of living in Thailand is around 35% of the cost in Australia, plus flights are 50% cheaper because you are much closer to everywhere. ????

Consequently I am able to travel to many more places compared to living in Australia.

Having said all that, it is & has always been my intention to return to Australia when my travelling is finished, I predict this will happen around 2021.

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