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Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

 Great value at LK.

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service? Allow me to make some suggestions, it is a daily routine for me, I like to walk along the beach for 30 minutes first, then enjoy a nice breakfast while reading the Bangkok Post. I also like the places that provide the post for free. LK Empress on the corner of Beach Rd & Soi 12 used to offer a great value buffet for 190 Baht or $5.40 USD, for me it is one of the best Pattaya breakfasts.

NB, price has just gone up to 230 Baht or $6.60 USD so I now think the best value is Bon Cafe in Naklua Rd. 🙂

I eat out 7 days a week & I won’t go anywhere who is not open at 8.30. or does not provide the Bangkok Post.

French Bakery 3rd Rd

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Terrific breakfast here and cheap, however I must recommend you order a couple of ham & salad rolls to take home for lunch, without a doubt they are the best in Pattaya.

Ham & Salad roll at French bakery

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

The best baguette outside of Paris or Vietnam.

Sportsmans Pub

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Just around the corner from LK in Soi 13 is the Sportsmans Pub, don’t be fooled by the fruit dish, they do one of the best Pattaya breakfasts there for under 200 Baht ($5.70 USD). I’m sure if I had a photo of bacon & eggs for every venue you would switch off fairly quickly.  😆

Oh well, here is one of their small choices

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

I really don’t like the huge breakfast where they pile on stuff I don’t want such as grilled tomato, hash browns, or heaven forbid, black pudding. Here is a LINK to their price list.

Happy faces at Au Bon Pain

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

I used to go here 4 or 5 times a week as it is the perfect walking distance, 25 minutes.

Sadly in January 2017 it is closed, I really miss the smiling faces.

Queen Victoria pub

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Soi 6 is one of the seediest streets in Pattaya, and does not look the best in the early morning. If you can get past this image they offer an excellent English breakfast for 200 Baht.

Big breakfast at Queen Vic

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

My only criticism beside the rather smelly Soi 6, is they only give you one piece of toast,  I wish they would keep the sausage & throw in an extra piece of toast.


Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service at Foodland

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

A huge supermarket chain throughout Thailand, always busy for breakfast due to the great value. About $2.80 for bacon & eggs with a tea or coffee. This branch is in Pattaya Klang or Centre Rd. Best Pattaya breakfast? Probably not but certainly the best value.

New branch at Royal Gardens

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service Located in the basement off Beach Rd & open 24/7.

Great value for all the Pattaya Cheap Charlies. 🙂

Fabulous Foodland Terminal 21 Pattaya

 Of course I have to include myself in that group.

A new branch has just opened at Terminal 21, the new shopping mall at the Dolphin roundabout.

Fabulous Foodland Terminal 21 Pattaya Same good low price quality, more photos of the new Foodland on THIS LINK.

Bon Cafe in Naklua Rd. Best Pattaya breakfast

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

  Bon Cafe is a very good breakfast spot. Just under $8 AUD or 185 Baht you get this excellent meal including coffee & orange juice. 668/17-21, Moo 5 Soi 29.

La Baguette

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

  Definitely a favourite spot, the best ham croissants in Pattaya.  Sadly the coffee is not so good.

La Baguette

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

I am here three times each week, ham croissant & coffee for around $5.50. Their Latte is quite disappointing, no where near as nice as Coffee World or Starbucks, plus they have just replaced their cups with a smaller size yet still charge 110 Baht for it.

Retox Game on in Soi Honey

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Here is the small breakfast, only B95 or $2.80 usd. This is the new kid on the block, the 2nd one to open under the Retox brand by well known Pattaya character Simon Peatfield.

Retox healthy breakfast

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

This is the one I usually order, great value at B95.

Cafe Pitini

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service 

Here is the location,  18 420/18 Soi Buakhao

Cafe Pitini

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Breakfast including Latte 149 Baht or $4.25 USD  but if you are looking for the best value Pattaya breakfast, I would suggest LK Soi 12, Retox Soi Honey or Bon Cafe in Naklua Rd.

Coffee Club

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service 

I’m the first to admit I’m a creature of habit, I walk for around 30 minutes every morning, have breakfast at one of three or four regular restaurants and catch up on all the news in the Bangkok Post.

Well today I thought I would try a new place so I went to the Coffee Club at Royal Garden shopping Mall. I am so glad I did because the breakfast was one of the best I have ever had in Pattaya.

Eggs Benedict

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

A classic breakfast enjoyed all over the world, in fact here at the Coffee Club it was world class. To clarify the food and coffee was exceptional however the price is rather high compared to what is considered normal in Pattaya. On September 1 2018 they opened a branch in my condo building Markland Beach Rd Pattaya, check out THIS LINK.

For a discounted hotel rate in Pattaya or anywhere in the world, just book through THIS LINK

There is a new Coffee Club at Markland the corner of Beach Road & Soi 1.

Coffee Club Beach Road Pattaya This happens to be on the 1st floor of the condo where I live. More photos on THIS LINK.

 Cafe Taste

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Located in Pattaya Klang just before 3rd Rd heading East this cafe offers an American breakfast for B69 or $2 USD, plus they also provide the Bangkok Post. 🙂

Pig & Whistle

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

Located in Soi 8, a very popular English Pub.

Breakfast at the Pig

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

The small breakfast costs B135 without coffee or tea. This suits me as I always head to Starbucks afterwards. 🙂


Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service

I regularly visit two branches, one is at Big C in 2nd Rd the other at the Bay on Beach Rd near Soi 6. Coffee & staff are always great as is the ham & cheese croissant. 

Birthday at Starbucks

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee serviceThe girls at the Bay gave me a candle. 🙂 Three of my breakfast preferences are friendly staff, good coffee & the Bangkok Post, Starbucks provides all 3. 🙂

Jasmines on Pattaya Klang

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service Between Beach Rd & 2nd Rd a very friendly cafe with nice food.

Jasmin’s is certainly worth a try.

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service Nice decor.

A very good croissant

Best Pattaya breakfast coffee service I usually order this or the omelette at B99.

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My history, particularly over the last 30 years is dominated by overseas travel. I sold my home in Australia October 20th 2011 and have have been living in Thailand since then. I don’t know where the time has gone? It seems like you go to sleep one night, wake up the next morning, and 20 years have flashed by. Not sure how many years I have left, however I have enjoyed a wonderful charmed life, and if it all ended today I would leave this world with no regrets. I was born in Sydney halfway through the last century, started my travels in the 60s with the usual U.K. Europe adventure at the age of 20, back to Australia and worked in Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide in Sales & Marketing with multinational companies including Sanyo, Canon & Remington. Engaged to be married 3 times and never quite made it to the alter, finally realized by the mid 90s I was not cut out for "long term relationships" so I moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland in January 1987, worked for a couple of banks as a Financial Planner, I took a year off work in 1998 to travel and never went back to full time work again, after 25 fun filled years on the Coast I packed up and moved to Thailand. What is the purpose of this blog? Well I really want to use it to record my travel experiences & to display my photographs, give and receive travel tips, comment on places I visit, restaurants I eat in and use it to replace the autobiography I intended to write, apart from all that it helps me fill in my day. :) I moved to Thailand mainly because I wanted to keep travelling while my health allowed me to, there are huge advantages being closer to all the places I want to visit. Cost of living in Thailand is around 35% of the cost in Australia, plus flights are 50% cheaper because you are much closer to everywhere. ???? Consequently I am able to travel to many more places compared to living in Australia. Having said all that, it is & has always been my intention to return to Australia when my travelling is finished, I predict this will happen around 2021.


  1. Hi David Herd,
    I have gone through your blog and found them interesting and entertaining.
    I am a 55 year old guy in Australia,and I am Australian,born and grown up here.
    Im single like yourself and like you realised that long term relationships are not suited to me.Ive been to Pattaya 5 times and about to venture there again on Feb 1,2016,this time for a 2 month stay.I envy how you have travelled so widely as I have not and find your history with travel absolutely amazing.I would really like to sell my house here in Sydney and move to Pattaya for good,is there any tips or advice that you could possibly give me?

    Kind Regards;
    Symon Jeffcott.

  2. Hi David, i really enjoy your posts, Pattaya is a great place for a fun holiday, i live in Sydney and travel maybe twice a year.Pattayas food options are wide ranging, from the Issan street food to the great international chains in Central Festival.Your breakfast review here is excellent, I also enjoy a walk along the beach early before breakfast.I love my 30 baht street breakfast of Thai rice porridge with chicken mince sitting with the locals on Soi Buakhao, anyway mate have a great Christmas, regards Howard.

    • Many thanks Howard for your feedback, let me know next time you are here and we will grab a coffee or a beer. 🙂