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Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Please note, this is not part of my Travel Blog. It’s part of my personal history.

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life for me, it seemed all the planets were perfectly in line to produce perhaps two of the best years of my life.

Planet one, I was 29 years old and in my prime.

Planet two, I was sent there by Sanyo Office Equipment to be State manager on a Sydney wage package, which was around 50% better than an equivalent Adelaide salary.

Planet three, there was an excess number of gorgeous single women waiting to be swept off their feet,  and most motivated talented young Adelaide businessmen had headed to the Eastern capital cities to work, because that’s where all the head offices were with most of  the top work opportunities.

Mid 70s in Adelaide

All my planets were aligned in Adelaide 1972

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

So here I was, the new boy in town with loads of money, motivation and truck loads of confidence. It was a similar situation to my arrival in Melbourne four years earlier except I felt decades wiser and totally bulletproof.

I remember the drive from Sydney in my blue MGB, flashing along the highway with the number one tune at the time playing over and over, American Pie by Don McLean. In some way the lyrics seemed to me to symbolise a new beginning, I was excited by the thought of new horizons to conquer, new people to meet and of course new ladies to pursue.

A long, long time ago…
I can still remember
how that music used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And  maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

Anzac Highway Plympton

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

The first thing I did was rent a luxury Penthouse on Anzac Highway Plymton in the most prestigious  residential building in Adelaide, it was known as “the Spanish Flats” and before too long I turned my apartment into “Party Central”.

The only Adelaide people I knew were Joyce Weir and Vera Lukic, two fun girls I had met a couple of months before while they were holidaying in Sydney. They were both very social out and about types who happily introduced me to many of “the right’ people, party animals like myself.

Another early contact was Charlie Bradley, and neighbour on the ground floor, a good style of a guy who like myself dedicated most of his spare time pursuing the fairer sex. The following year Charlie banned everyone from using that name and insisted on being referred to as Charles, obviously much more refined.

Vera Lukic & Joyce Weir

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Two great ladies, sadly Vera passed away around 2012, Joyce lives in Sydney and I still often see on Facebook.

Drinks with friends at Plympton

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

My circle of friends started to swell exponentially due to these early contacts, and soon ten minutes on the phone was all it took to arrange the next party at my Penthouse. Along came a host of new friends, Wolf Wottke, Graham & John Farquhar, Mike Poulter, Dave Brooker, Dick Wilkins, Ronny Walsh from Broken Hill, Steve Rado, Jan Seagars, Dianne Butson and many others, but more about them later.

Old friend Steve Rado

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Steve was my flatmate in the Penthouse and was I think often quite shocked by the constant shenanigans. A great guy who now in 2015 lives on the Sunshine coast I think. We stay in touch on Facebook, this photo was from 1979 in Sydney.

I finally caught up with Steve again in Brisbane August 2016. We had a great lunch at the Regatta Hotel.

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

The big patch of plaster on my nose was the result of a skin cancer removal.

Graham & Flo Farquhar in Adelaide October 2014

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

How time flies when you are having fun, 41 years have past between the previous 2 photos.

This shot was actually in 1975

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Taken at Dick Wilkins home in 1975, I thought it was worth including as all the people were close friends when I lived in Adelaide. Angella Savic, Hank Wottke, Di Parkinson & Trevor Beech.

Richard (Dick) Wilkins Adelaide 1972 amazing life

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Dick Wilkins was a terrific guy who lived one kilometre away on Cross road Edwardstown, probably the only guy I knew who threw more parties than I, (a lot more) so between the two of us it was nonstop hedonistic heaven.

Angella Savic & Wolf Wottke

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Wolf became my best friend while I was living in Adelaide 1972, he eventually left Adelaide and  moved into my apartment in Sydney around 1983. Angella also moved to Sydney and became a Qantas hostess, a job I believe she still does to this day. Wolf & Angie were an item for a few years then he hooked up with Jenny, another Greek girl in Sydney. They are still together today.

My favourite Adelaide girl Adelaide 1972 amazing life

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Di Butson was a beautiful girl with a lovely nature,  if I ever should have married a lady it would have been Di. However at that time of my life in Adelaide 1972 I was just too wild & committed to being single to change my status. Over the years however I sometimes think of Di & how different my life could have been.

Perhaps Glenn Frey can help me here


Dianne’s 21st birthday

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Di was one of the nicest ladies I ever knew, I often wonder how life turned out for her.

Did I mention Di was a dancer?

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Di was also a teacher with Arthur Murray dance studio in Adelaide.

Jan Seagars & Baxter

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Here are three of my favourite memories from when I lived in Adelaide 1972, Jan Seagars, Baxter my red Doberman & my wonderful E-Type Jaguar. Baxter & the Jag came with me to Melbourne in 1974 then on to Sydney in 1976, sadly Jan did not. 🙂

My apartment block and the ones on either side became our own self contained fun park; I could write a book just based on the events that took place there. Six or seven of my friends all ended up living in the complex. One great looking 18 year old was living in the block next door, her name was Jan Seagars and her boyfriend was a well known Norwood football player named Des Flavel.

Jan & I had a nice arrangement going, Des would leave for work at 8 am, and if my bedroom blind was open 50%, it would mean I was alone and she was welcome to visit. Which she did on many occasions, this gave me just enough time for a “quickie” before opening the Sanyo office in Grote St at 9am. Jan had recently won the title of Miss South Australian Beach Girl and at 18 years of age was as close to perfect as a girl could get.

Here is Jan 40 years later in October 2014

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Here we are at my friends Droama vineyard 40 years later. Now known as Jan Klain she is still the life of the party.

Check out the red outfit, what was I thinking?

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Here I am at Darwin airport with Arch Wilkey & the Ansett hosties from my flight. On the right is Sue, Leah is in the middle & I forget the name of the blonde on the left. Arch was a well know footballer with North Adelaide. Now you can laugh all you want at my crazy red outfit, but I soon got rid of it as you will see in the next photo taken a couple of hours later. 🙂

R.I.P Arch

North Adelaide premiership player Arch Wilkey died on the 29 th September 2007 at the age of 61 after a long battle with an inoperable brain tumour. Arch played 73 games for North Adelaide between 1966 and 1974 and was a member of the 1971 premiership side. He was a mercurial footballer who epitomised the North Adelaide style of the late 1960s. North were renowned as a high marking, long kicking side full of brilliant players and Arch fitted the mould perfectly. It is contended that Arch was the first player to make the number 23 as famous as it is today – being followed by the likes of Michael Jordan, Dermott Brereton, Shane Warne, David Wildy and Andrew McLeod. No doubt each was inspired by Arch’s brilliance as an athlete and chose to wear “his” number.

In his early career he played mainly at half forward but when Mike Patterson came to the club Arch played more as a defender. Injury curtailed his career. He missed the complete 1972 season with a knee injury, and after playing in the 1973 preliminary final missed the Grand Final with injury. He retired in 1974 and moved to Darwin to live. As much as Arch was remembered as a brilliant player, he was also known as a wonderful and happy character. Soon after he moved to Darwin, Cyclone Tracey hit. When asked what it was like, Arch replied that it was almost as scary as playing Port at Alberton.

On the way to Manton Dam

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life with Leah & Sue

Manton Dam 70 Kms south of Darwin

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Leah & Sue at Manton dam

Lets see more of Leah 🙂

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Those were the days my friend we thought they would never end.

Bob (Fatty) Francis

Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life

Another old friend of mine was well know DJ Bob Francis, he retired in 2013 after 57 years in Radio. This photo was from 1997, sadly I just received the news in November 2016 that Bob has passed away peacefully in his sleep, RIP old mate.

Thanks for visiting my Adelaide 1972 exciting amazing life photo blog.

Slide show from the 70s.


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